Carving drill: HOW TO RID A-FRAME 5 Amazing Drill / Angle Grinder 6 months ago   03:03

In this video I will show you a drill you can use to rid A-framing. However, we are not really trying to rid A-framing, we are trying to activate the inside leg for more efficient high performance skiing. In that process your shins will become more parallel and your skis will track clean parallel RR-tracks. This lesson is good for all levels and it will teach your muscles the right movements instead of forcing you into a certain position.

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lucy sullcahuaman delgado
Hugh McAdam
another great vid triggerboi
Tristan Scuiller
Fr fr fr vf cr vr vr cr cr cr fe fr fr fe fe
Jana Pavlíková
Na hovno,vôbec sa to tak nerobi=je to na 2 veci-na hovno a na nič 100%neodporúčanein this comment speak=slovakia
Isnt it the other way around. You have to push with the outside leg into the snow, inside leg just takes the ride?
Daniel Buchta
It really works👍 Thanx😉
Juraj Zonin
It's not full curves, only halves ...
Kjetil Birkeland Moe
Be careful with those final slomo turns, you're really stressing your core by trying to keep upper body still. You would enjoy more by allowing more vertical dynamics/movement, AND also get a more powerful turn.
I often find myself getting bogged down in the details of a project instead of just getting things out of my brain. This is really good advice. I feel like this is especially hard for people just starting to use a DAW and trying to make projects because there's a certain level of familiarity and practice you have to get to before even simple things turn into a massive derailment (what BPM should I use, how do I find an effect that does what i want, etc.). But I'll try and focus on just making music and not getting bogged down!
Mr. M.
Ski Channel Romania
Please check out my ski carving video:
Mordecai Irony
Seriously?! Nothing like more SJW dumbing down of society, pablum best presented with one of my favorite Greenday songs (American Idiot).
No, don't ski like an accomplished skier .. do what this wanker tells you, join the herd and be a skidder .. it's trendy!
Genius Marc Says
this video is even more terrible than my videos
Perfect video 👌 I had a big issue on my left footer turns, where my right leg was escaping away from my outside, making me straddle many gates only on that side. I know many people will say I don’t have full outside ski pressure but completely not true. I had multiple races where the hill was slick ice and my left outside leg was flexed and extended while my right leg was escaping away not parallel with my other ski. It had to do something with me being scared to lay it over on my left footers.
Joe Hernandez
The legs were parallel but there seemed to be no correlation with the arms at all. The arms were not planting before the turn at all. Why not? In my opinion, arms and legs should work together so that the plant of the pole sets up the turn and the legs and body turn naturally after the pole plant.
1:22 Don't understand how the pressure has to be applied : in the direction of the red arrow ? EDIT : sorry, did not notice the hand was involved.
Black Wolves
Yes but when it is icy?? You will fall like nothing if you will go on inside ski
Justy Olivieri
Before engaging into this subject, I read all the comments, expecting someone to come up with the right answer. Some came close.... To ski with naturally parallel legs, the easy way is to focus in your FEET. I'm not going to elaborate about what causes the A frame, because it makes not sense. instead, try the following: Edge with your INSIDE FOOT BY DOING THE ICECREAM SPOON DRILL. Get that inside foot to curl pulling down and in, (like lowering a door handle, etc...), so, the inside ski will be edged, and the upper part of the boot will push the leg inwards (leg, not knee). because the outside femur is connected to the inside femur by the hip, the outside leg will mirror the inside leg work. Of course the load should be felt on the outside foot arch.

In other words, you stand on the outside foot (arch) and edge with the inside foot. try it and get back to me!!! Enjoy
sass Luik
Guys watch Marcel Hircher in slow motion and you can see that hips go more in while having A frame.
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5 Amazing Drill / Angle Grinder Carving drill: HOW TO RID A-FRAME 6 months ago   07:03

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