Rare Skills We See In Football Comedy Football 2017/18: Epic 1 year ago   06:24

You won't see this evey week, so enjoy guys!
30 Rare Skills In Football / 30 Habilidades Raras en el Futbol


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Zelex the Savage
Imagine this all happening in one game
Kumail Hashmi
Soccer Skin
Sushruta Kr. Samanta
Others : you need great first touch and ball control perform tricks and fake the opponents.
Luka Modric : hold my beer
jiwana abimanyu
5:12 isn't that a _Bergkamp's chip_ ?
jiwana abimanyu
The Berbatov spin, when I watching it on the stream I can't believe my eyes what the hell was going on
verZatile gaming
The song is from DMC 5 the spinoff one .
YuGo Asap4Ever
0:44 lmao that ball is anti gravity or what
G Gombóc
International Football Teams Goals: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/pMpPb6DKneD
where can i find soccer videos without this music
Only C. Ronaldo using trick but not pass the opponent *lol
Michał 3483
1:54 hell to hell
Goated on the Greens
go we can see maradona shuuut uuuppp
Dein Vater
Wow forgot the cruyff turn. It is the best skill created!!!!
Anyone 2019?
Roopesh Krishnan
Where is benzimas skill against atletico madrid
el torero
messi goat
Med Amin Jridi
Waht the song pls
Azzam Rey
5:56 where is Ronaldinho's back assist?
Penguini Linguini
Luis Suarez’s biting skill should have been on here.
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Comedy Football 2017/18: Epic Rare Skills We See In Football 1 year ago   12:25

Title: Comedy Football 2017/18: Epic Fails, Bizzare, Funny Skills, Bloopers
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