Ellen DeGeneres takes a selfie Macey Meets President Obama 1 day ago   01:56

Ellen DeGeneres breaks twitter taking a selfie at the Oscars

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0:53 no way did Ellen just call Julia Roberts “Juliet”
Nat is my Name
She wasn’t in it
Cre ate
1:27 ellen thought bradley's arm a selfie stick XD
0:50 tony stonem?
Nafees Rashid
That's how it's starts
Jimmy Torres
Fuck the Oscars!!!
karlox kaplan
...Ahora si que parece todo ya mas normalizado.....
16:35 blackyoutube
Allen : buru fotoan bareng goblogg gua disutu tim kreatip
Another actress/actor : santai wehh anyingg
Russkiy Papa
SAMSUNG cool. fuck iPhone!
Syed majid
That's note 4
Jajajajajajajaja Kevin spacey is in the photo 😂😂😂😳
love the way meryl said "get her in" , thats what made ellen call in the names of the others!!
a believer
burn her out
Marvin Mosley
Wait, we're Brad and Angie talking during this time?
En iyi Selfie 🤳
Dayanne Alves
Melhor apresentadora do Oscar
Get her the selfie stick next time lol
Jessica Darling
I belong there. With the greats
Fkfkfn Nnrkk
Fkfkfn Nnrkk
Wow she took a selfie
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Macey Meets President Obama Ellen DeGeneres takes a selfie 1 day ago   04:16

The presidential expert got to meet a President for the first time, and asked him some very important questions.