American Gods Cast Interview American Gods: Orlando Jones, 12 months ago   44:24

Anne Mavity
American Gods interview and Q&A with cast Bryan Fuller, Michael Green, author Neil Gaiman, and actors Ian McShane, Yetide Badaki and Ricky Whittle.

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Shady Groves
Gaiman is a gift
amina kassimi
bryan fuller is honestly one of my favorite people in existence !
Ricky and Ian❤️
Lets face facts here Ian McShane is the best looking of the bunchof them -- WELL HE IS.
No pablo :(
Ricardo Alexandre de Moura Campos
The book I read in 2006, the tv showin july 2018: both are vey good. But this interview is full of leftist/liberal BULLSHIT!
who is she, the moderator?
Laura Kleinrock Sand
I've been drawn to this show since it came out. Wow! Looking forward to Season 2.
I love the wealth of information. I can see why the cast is cohesive.
Diane Walden
Season 2 please, please!
hasan tarek
Awesome talk. Also sharing something that can help the community down the line [ ]
 Sample : [ ]
[ ]
At 0:28... Is that voice the guy from Screen Junkies??
I had almost forgoten "kings" highly underrated show. This has been brilliant so far and including the creator was brilliant. Wish Anderson, Chenowith and Glover (Mr world) and the other regs could be there. Can't wait for season 2 and beyond.
Deb Oz
The old gods and the new gods are still the old demons and they are fighting the the only God, which is the war we are in on earth for real and have been for the past 2000 plus years. This is a good series BUT it show the agenda of the old and new gods that is really happening now. truth is show in plain sight.
Tarren l
"See you on the carousel babe" Ian is the greatest
Yetide Badaki is trully a goddess ♥
Ian McShane seems like an arse.
Ness P
"Ricky, sit down." LMAO. Ian's sass is amazing.
World of Armwrestling
ian mcshane looks sharp as hell for a near 80 year old
Our lives are political statements whether we like it or not, and the world is watching. We should choose love, but we also have to be strong. And never apologies for conquest. It's a dog eat dog world and I salute those that keep chugging along in this brood of the amazing and foul.
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American Gods: Orlando Jones, American Gods Cast Interview 12 months ago   11:17

Marc Snetiker and Orlando Jones discuss "American Gods" episode 4, "Git Gone" with Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon) and Emily Browning (Laura Moon).
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