The Porsche 959 Is a $1.5 Million Automotive Gordon Ramsay's Sausage Hotpot 7 days ago   35:21

Doug DeMuro


The Porsche 959 is one of the most famous Porsche models of all time -- and the 959 is one of the most famous cars from the 1980s. Today I'm reviewing the Porsche 959 to show you the details of one of the world's most amazing cars.

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Doug DeMuro
Have a good day at school, sweetie! Don't lose your 959 first aid kit!
Team Wabeenology
Has group b flashbacks
If there is a car that you can call ahead of it's time, this is it.
Amazing how many features of today's sportscars the 959 had 30 years ago. Like adjustable suspension and stuff like that.
Simon Geeves
Doug, you are wrong about the steering wheel. Looks aren't everything, this wheel is one of the best wheels ever produced by any manufacturer. The shape and feel is organic and gives the driver total control and confidence over the vehicle. I was lucky to own a 944 Turbo S with the same wheel...... very special. Not shit like most of your opinions.
Doug, you are a moron, but a lovable moron. Keep up the good work!
Greg McKee
Too much talk not enough go...
Aero Loco
A cartoonesque shaped car. Straight out of Disney world.
Looks ugly.
Noah andres Oraiz
I guess it was literal cars and coffee. #puns.
Suman Bhattacharyya
I thought it was a regular 15-20 minute video. Just threw my afternoon nap out of the window ('-_-)
I've changed my mind ... Doug ...You are soooo cool ! Keep up these outstanding and informative video's . Thanks !
My original supercar fantasy!
Suman Bhattacharyya
This car has all the suspension tricks in my dream supercar.
Maxwell Shore
Back in 1980's i bought the same car in gray color but in a model type , and it was so beautiful car back then and still is , nothing changed
If most people don't know and don't care... It's not really an icon, now is it.
that's one of the butt ugliest cars I've ever seen. seriously....what a cheesy looking piece of shit
Skyler Lucky
Masterpiece, the car not you Doug
f u doug that wheel is sexy af
Zijian He
Taking money from Porsche and sponsors give you no rights to rate
doug, take it off road. NO BALLS. U WONT
Doug is the kinda guy who just gave me a Doug score of 1 for this comment.
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Gordon Ramsay's Sausage Hotpot The Porsche 959 Is a $1.5 Million Automotive 7 days ago   08:59

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