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Al Salamu Alaikum fam!

This is a video on how International House dorm rooms look like. There are so many SK Global room videos on youtube but i haven't seen that many videos on International House so i thought I should make this video for those who are planning on applying to International house. For more information check out this link http://ih.yonsei.ac.kr/?code=0201

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Thank you for watching! :)

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How did you manage to pray with a roommate? especially for fajr because your roommate would be sleeping? How did you work around that?
heypeaches *
"but...the mini fridge" this part had me cracking up
Leeka Valerie
Thanks for this video! I'm also muslim and am glad that i will be able to eat well while in korea this semester! If you're still at Yonsei, hopefully we meet!
I submitted my application for this fall last week!!!ahh wish me luck
Omg how did you get a Double?!
skskm 77
I remember about 10 years ago me and my other friend got to sneak into those dorms while my friend talked to the front desk lady. We slept for 2 days even made food at the kitchen lol cameras everywhere tho
hello! My name is sumaya :) and I want to study at Yonsei after I graduate from high school inshallah and I was wondering what kind of requirements do you need to study at Yonsei also do you need a visa to study in Korea ?
bb baekho
Hello! Thank you for your video, it helps a lot! I'm going to Yonsei this fall and considering the I-house. I'm curious about the bathrooms though, is it scary if I go to the bathrooms during the night? And how many people are there in each floor? Thank you, I really hope you'd answer my question!^^
international it is. THANK YOU SO MUCH
D Kait
How do the bathrooms look?
Both dorms have their advantages and disadvantages for example the international dorm is cheaper and have their own mini fridge however the toilets are shared on each floor . As of the so global dorms they are a bit more pricey (only by a bit) but they have individual toilets in each room and nicer looking due to it being a new building however there is a huge fridge taht has to be shared on each floor
Estella Dames
Hi! Im really curious how the food plan works there at Yonsei. Can students buy a food plan from the school or do we buy our own food individually? Thank you!
Bincy Baburaj
thanku for uploding this video
Mali 9797
Hi! Are the classes foreigners take generally hard or easy?
Seulbin Hong
I am happy to discover this video since i was looking for a video introducing Yonsei International house. Thank you for the video!
did the international house include blankets, pillows, and bed sheets?
Noura A.
thaaank you so much for posting this video because i also only found Sk global room tours on youtube so this video was very helpful
Nicole Hwang
How clean are the communal bathrooms?? thank u!
Fernanda Mellão
Hiii, please help me, what’s the difference between sk and the international
MHaikal G
How did you find halal food there? You go to Itaewon often?
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[Campus Tour] Yonsei University YONSEI UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL HOUSE 2 days ago   04:22

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▩ Location ▩
Check this map out! - https://goo.gl/maps/zvgBDfeSgRU2

☞ About ‘Yonsei University’ (연세대학교)
The campus completed in 2014 boasts its campus area of about 300,000 square meters with 21 newly built buildings standing high. The Songdo dormitories that can host more than 5000students are located in the outskirts of the campus, and Libertas Hall A,B and Veritas Hall A,B,C,D stand around the Underwood Memorial Library, the center of campus.
- Address : Yonsei University 85 Songdogwahak-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 21983, Republic of Korea
- E-mail : songdo@yonsei.ac.kr

인천 송도 신도시에 있는 연세대학교 국제캠퍼스에 다녀왔습니다. 송도캠퍼스라고도 불리기도 하고요. 규모가 그렇게 큰 편은 아니고, 학생들도 많이 보이지는 않았습니다. 그래도 최근에 지어진 캠퍼스인만큼 시설들은 굉장히 깔끔하게 세련돼 보였습니다.


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