Sochi Olympics 2014 | Ted Ligety: 17 FUNNY MOMENTS IN SPORTS 3 months ago   03:15

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No skier in the world carves turns the way Ted Ligety does. The American, who is competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, has practically invented a new way of skiing.

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1:53 A LESSON for All skiers and racers! This is the Single most important thing to think about when your are making turns from Snow Plow to Racing. This isn't the best angle to make my point but it works. As he comes out of the right hand gate and crosses the hill he is on his Left foot.

1:55, THAT is where the next turn starts and this is what You have to do to make the skis do what they were Designed to do. When he decides to start his next turn, watch how his upper body Stops going across the hill but his skis keep going. When they highlight the left foot, weight is already transferring to the uphill foot but the upper body is staying back and beginning to fall down the hill in the direction he wants to go.

1:59 Because the feet keep going and the body has stopped, notice how his legs have gone from and angle on the uphill edge to being vertical. That is when the skis flatten out.

2:00 As they continue, his upper body position has Pulled his hips down the hill and now the feet have gone so far out from under him that the skis have now rolled over onto the downhill edges and the skis turn.

2:03 For a beginning recreational skier to a racer, this is what you think to make this happen.

1. "I want to go straight down the hill." This will make you stop your upper body travel across the hill and focus on getting your upper body positioned to face and lean down the hill. Your skis NEED you to do that so you will be in a position to balance on the uphill ski when it begins to turn. Your skis turn your feet, not the other way around!

2. "Plant my Left pole down the hill." That will help you face and lean down the hill.

3. "Take my weight off the downhill foot." This Has to happen instantly. Think of standing sideways on a staircase with your left foot on the lower step with your upper body is facing down the stairs. When you get off the left foot, you are stepping up onto the upper step. Your balance has been destroyed at that point so you will begin to fall down the hill. Cut a wedge in a tree and that is the way it will fall.

4. The uphill ski is Still going across the hill but your hip is still pulling the ski over onto the inside edge and the ski turns. Because you kept your upper body in a vertical position (That is more for skiers not as much for racers) you will be in the best position to balance on the right foot.

2:15 Change the word Push to Stand. Push is what it Feels like but is something that happens automatically when you just Stand on it. Gravity creates the feeling, not you thinking about it.

2:24 For all you Harb devotees, look at his right leg. Do you see him bending his knee "Sideways" into the turn? No! His upped body falling down the hill and his ski going across the hill makes his entire leg lean over. Harb describes what skiing Looks Like ONLY! He doesn't Teach you how to make it happen.

2:31 Get off the Right foot!

Stepping off not Pushing off is more accurate. Pushing is what it Feels like, stepping up onto the uphill ski is what is actually happening.
1:18 This is what the best racers are doing. It's called consistency in turning Technically Correct. Strong concentration, discipline and planning ahead is required to win.
His skill is so so  high level!.  but too skillful to run fast ironically.
Starting a turn early is a too general statement, as, you have to take into consideration the distance between the gates how steep the slope is etc. For example, starting a turn early when you don't have much speed in a set with "open" gates would be a really bad idea as it does not help you generate speed. Actually, to be more precise, it is better to start the new turn as late as possible ( *WHEN* your transition from one turn to the other is quick enough not to cost you time). Hirsher is the best example, he is so strong enough that he can hold the turn for way longer than the other skiers without losing time as he can turn his skis very fast. Is it a coincidenece that he's always first? I don't think so.
john kimball
Nothing new here! I was using this technique back in the late 90s when I raced. Worked well until I was in a career ending crash and stopped my race progression.
Jordan Sullivan
Haha hearing the super serious voice-over by a NYT reporter really makes the skiing video come to life.
Jordan Sullivan
Every winter I am reminded that the word "slalom" exists...and every year I am delighted.
Interesting fact: Oprah taught Ted EVERYTHING he knows. Really. Oprah is THE master of skiing. And everything else. Really.
Larry Jackson
His description of advancing to uphill ski sounds a lot like Stenmark in 70's and 80's. Is it really just old school?
action Jackson
naomi chambers
This looks really difficult.
emil Sundqvist
Emil Sundqvist.
i thought he hated the new skis.... now they are good cause they require a good technique .... aah ?!?
I tried a new pair of GS skis last year and my thighs hurt like hell. They are very heavy and hard to turn, but then again very stable in high speeds.
There's nothing 'new' about this technique, it's just doing the same thing better. It's not like his opponents aren't trying to achieve a high edge angle and strong early pressure...

Seems like another video by mainstream media targeted at people who know nothing. Something that would count as "unique turning" would be picking a different line from all your opponents, much like what the fosbury flop was to high jumping.
Philip Schwartz
First, this is an absolutely brilliant video. And I'm grateful that The Times undertook the effort to produce it. But as someone who has coached ski racing and taught skiing for decades, I have to chime in and say this: What's described in this video is merely what I'd call strong ski technique (OK, very strong ski technique). Every good-to-great skier can pull off the technique described in this video. Which means, this does a dis-service to the brilliant talent that is Ted Ligety. Every skier on the World Cup is doing what is explained in this video (sorry to say, every great skier on your home hill is pulling off this technique, too). Ted is doing something much more special. And this video, while brilliant, doesn't do his talent justice (because his talent transcends the best of the best).
Roger Field
Sonya Wong
bigfishpondhome1 - you must not ski race - otherwise you would understand the matter of fact comments.  Sorry, you don't get it.  The rest of the crew (ski racers and Parents) get what his technique means for this sport.  Half of it is mental - you need to go in big. 
Full of himself much? You don't talk about your competitors like that unless you are that much better and I don't see him as being that much better.
you need to have strong legs for that its not so easy as it seems and also no ice 
Rudolf Mair
looks like Ligety has lost his touch, Marcel Hirscher has taken over.
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17 FUNNY MOMENTS IN SPORTS Sochi Olympics 2014 | Ted Ligety: 3 months ago   10:12

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