Tyler Oakley checks out the set of Kubo Shaun the Sheep The Movie - Behind 1 day ago   01:02

Join Tyler Oakley as he checks out the ace set at Laika Studios for awesome new animated movie, Kubo and The Two Strings.

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Bacon Dew
Came here because everyone says I look like him. I don't see it. Let me know if you do. Check out my omegle vid to see me.
Its so sad that this movie is getting super popular! They have worked so hard on it and didnt do as well in the box office :C it think its because most americans dont want to see stuff that looks related to Asian culture u_u
He already uploaded this on his channel ages ago
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Shaun the Sheep The Movie - Behind Tyler Oakley checks out the set of Kubo 1 day ago   12:00

Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of an Aardman Movie? If you thought it was just about ‘moving it a bit’ then take a look at our behind the scenes of Shaun the Sheep The Movie.
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