Water rat trap / 24 mice on traps Homemade mouse trap from 1 day ago   11:28

kenh chuot
Water rat trap / 24 mice on traps / Electric rat traps using plastic cage /Best homemade mouse traps


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wilson payi
trampa mal hecha, muchos escapan.
Snake K
You m*********** a few what is this the animals do you like feel pain do they know they do not stupid face
The rats don't die,because he needs them to shoot more videos,those traps are just for fan, and the left end of the upper pipe is hidden because he use it to release the rats
Doctor Qbert
He's feeding mice into the trap
Alexander Schmei
Reudiger hurensohn
Peter Smitt
Far from being the best trap. I saw at least 6 mice escape.
ariana cielo estrela
Mui bueno las tranpas
Szary Wilk
Same to you, fucking idiot.
ROunD The CloaK
many were smart enough to jump over the can and ran away from trap...some fools enough even after gets out they get back jump right into water after othera.....hahaha9
Melki A.N
Settingan ah. Gx asik
Fidel Hernandez
Some of them escaped but it is ok, one of the best trap.
tempe bongkrek
Tikus: buset nyetrum!
Eddie VIII
Put more water motherfucker!
Cary belleza II
Las ratas viene todas mojadas del video anterior son las actrices del canal 🤗😀🤗😀🤗😀🤗
Marlin Knable
First trap they just went out over the top on the right! !!, second trap they just get out of water and walk right out over what is to shock them!!hat is to big fails!!!
MB Channel Papua
good trap
Michael Clover
Stupid. The rats don't die.

Do better.
Disruptive Noise Addicts
Wow! Good Job 👏
Moonlight_playz 345
I love rats how dare you do that to them
Moonlight_playz 345
Poor rats
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Homemade mouse trap from Water rat trap / 24 mice on traps 1 day ago   10:48

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