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Paint With Me Ft Intense Procrastination | How Top Model Cara Taylor Gets - At Up-Tube.com

Paint with me ft intense procrastination How Top Model Cara Taylor Gets 2 days ago   12:53

Joana Ceddia
JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: https://hellojuniper.com/channel/UCkin59aR57-RgqvN04jHSIg/p/1865852518461

Can someone explain to me why everyone is suddenly overly hyped about basketball in Canada? What's happening? Who's playing who? I'm so confused. Every time I turn on the TV, there is some rhetoric about "playoffs" and "Warriors", and I am beyond lost! What do you mean, "Warriors"? That sounds extremely violent, and I don't like it. In fact, what is basketball? What is a ball? Is it round? Does it smell like rubber? is it an orange? Can I dice it? My head is a whirlwind of questions and I seem to have lost my bearings. I need a compass for the mess in my head.

Note: I keep on forgetting to do this: The sweater I am wearing in this video was graciously sent to me by the company "Deep End". I just wanted to thank them for the gift because the sweaters are very nice (even my dad liked them). If you want one too, here is a link to the company: https://dpnd.co

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ewww_its_jo...
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tweet_joana
Cameo: https://www.cameo.com/ewww_its_joana
P.O Box: now closed

If you want to translate the video: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_p...

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With love,

Janderson Cooper

Comments 8057 Comments

Joana: *Recreates a famous painting*
"I'm never gonna do this again"
Sophia Minter
geniune question, do you have ADHD? cause this video started as painting, and thens ended up talking about a shoe at the mall
love watching videos like this😂💓
Clair Evardeen
the ultimate gaming Unicorn
Ayeee yorkdale
Cynthia Joanna
Don’t hate on Edward Cullen😂😂
omg when i painted this too i struggled with that left eye
Why is there standing dutch ?
Jayke Mccann
“One of his foots”
vermeer it that u??????
Finally, a youtuber that pulls an all nighter without putting it in the title.
Carli Merriman
Lol you say you are bad at painting but I cant even paint the sky 😂
Joy Legon
3:30 Tyler Joseph called, he wants his sunglasses back
Niki Luijten
Are their more dutch girls here?
Mulli Lynn
How did you survive on 2 hours of sleep and STILL go to the gym. Wow I have no excuse anymore
Minnie J
Why is no one talking about the fact that Joana looks like Professor Quirrell? XD
Cameron Graves
I have a seatbelt belt.
Jennifer MacDonald aka; Caligirl888
Can I ask why you have your mom drive you everywhere? If you don't have a license its time!!!😘🤟🏼
cuyler kolethe
2:12 joanna i live like 30 minutes away from yorkdale how did u not get scared as hell walking into their i’m a generally social person and last time i went i grabbed mother’s leg and screamed bloody murder
Cambria Burga
I just discovered your channel. Binge watched you. I WISH I FOUND YOU SOONERRR😭😭😭😂
*smoked turkey boob*
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How Top Model Cara Taylor Gets Paint with me ft intense procrastination 2 days ago   06:10

Watch as Alexander Wang model Cara Taylor spends the day in New York City ahead of the big runway show. Cara heads to Bushwick, Brooklyn for some delicious peach pie, practices her walk in front of Rockefeller Center, and fangirls over meeting SNL's Pete Davidson.

Director: Talia Collis
DP: Rachel Batashvili
Editor: Jeff Bernier at Stack BK
Sound: Lily Van Leeuwen
Color: Jack Tashdjian
Filmed: at Blue Stove Cafe

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