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6 Giant/biggest Rats Ever Found | Most Illegal Dog Breeds In The World! - At Up-Tube.com

6 GIANT/BIGGEST RATS EVER FOUND Most ILLEGAL Dog Breeds In The World! 11 months ago   02:12

Rob Markievic
Invasion of the big rats. The biggest rats ever seen. Big rat. Rat attacked people. Rat attack people. Huge rats.

Comments 541 Comments

Un welcomeend
The first one was the only unaltered photo
brian jackson
Theee mfs look like nutria
flow repins666
fuck cats we gonna have to bring some cheetahs
Suraj Sivadasan
Can someone please bring Raticate into its pokeball ?
gilberto rodriguez
its snitch9ine
LegendDom22 Fortnite
It’s all those chemicals we flush and wash down our drains why these mutant rats 🐀 are growing to these size
Keisha Mcclain
Lol 69
toya adams
OMGGGGG!!!!/Plz, tell me👇that was another animal found in that BX foot locker/And what foot locker it was in/I live in the Bronx & I'm praying to Gawd it's Nowhere near My👇house/Whatever TF it is/That Shit was Huge!!!...
hey i think u forgot 6ix9ine
The Text was highly entertaining . They need to hire you into making the intro of blockbusters. Especially the Ratzilla and Invasion of the Giants Rats could be a movie .
tangyglover honkai
Do you have to put the scary music to make it horrifying
These guys have to visit central Paris 😅
In Tampa Fla down by the river going to the Bay I have seen rts as least that big. Nasty critters.
Comrade OrangeExplosion
I live in rural georgia ive seen a 5 foot wharf rat on my farm shot the f*cker with my shotgun he had been stealing my chicken eggs
HoLy Nate07
Robinski 2011
Eeeeeeee it's so not nice
Lord Death
Those are the rats from oblivion
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Most ILLEGAL Dog Breeds In The World! 6 GIANT/BIGGEST RATS EVER FOUND 11 months ago   12:09

Check out these illegal dog breeds around the world! This top 10 list of banned dogs has some of the most dangerous and deadliest dog breeds on earth!

Subscribe to World5List: http://goo.gl/cpJSA6

Check out our "Superpowers You Can Get RIGHT NOW!" video at: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/n6DzIqOGs0t
Check out our "6 Places More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle...?" video at: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/i9IneUx6_pL
Check out our "8 Bizarre Things People Found in Their Pool" video at: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/tU7ljiOtKxR

8. Pit Bull Terrier
There’s a bit of confusion about where exactly the pit bull was bred and what it was bred for but most believe it was originally bred to “bait” bulls. And then in the 1800s, baiting became banned so the dogs were bred for a new sport: ratting and dog fighting.

7. Canary Mastiff
This is the Canary Mastiff, or the Perro de Presa Canario--a dog originally bred for working livestock. Their roots come from Spain and their name literally translates to “Canarian catch dog”. The breed was first introduced by Dr. Carl Semencic, an American anthropologist who wrote an article for Dog World Magazine and his books about the subject of rare breeds of dogs.

6. Japanese Tosa
The Tosa was a crossbreed of different European dog breeds including the Old English Bulldog, the Mastiff, St. Bernard, German Pointer, Great Dane and Bull Terrier. The idea was to create a larger, more powerful dog and between 1924 and 1933 the Tosa was created.

5. Brazilian Mastiff
The Brazilian Mastiff, or the Fila Brasileiro was originally created to be a hunting dog--doing well on ranches and plantations. It would guard estates and hunt big game animals like jaguars, but it also worked well around the farm and was able to “catch” individual cattle by grabbing hold of its neck for Brazilian ranchers.

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
This breed was created in the mid-19th century in Britain to be a small and fast dog fighter. If I saw one of these coming toward me on the street and off leash I would probably turn around, but owners swear these are the most sensitive and loving companions of the dog world.

3. Rhodesian Ridgeback
The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a majestic breed created in Africa to be both a versatile hunter and a guardian for the home. These dogs tend to be highly intelligent, stubborn with a significant amount of energy. You’ll be able to quickly identify this breed by the ridge which runs down their spine.

2. German Shepherd
I know many people who swear they will never own another type of dog besides a German Shepherd. It’s one of America’s most popular dog breeds but is it also a dangerous one? First, let’s talk about the good stuff. The German Shepherd is highly intelligent and his devotion and companionship are like none other.

1. Rottweiler
The Rottweiler is another versatile breed which was created to do multiple things. It could do everything from driving cattle to market and then later pulling carts for butchers. They were also some of the earliest police and military dogs.

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