This Fortnite Challenge Is IMPOSSIBLE! KEVIN IS BACK!! (Zapper Trap 5 months ago   19:48

Second Channel!
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U have aim botttt
Chase Croft
He killed a renegade raider
When he said that this is gonna be easy did anyone else check how long the vid is?
7:26 10 hours of muselk saying nonono
Star Lozensky
Arnwar Jeetan
Love you muselk all ways the best plz keep on making vids and I am your biggest fan at the and of the month I am joining your channel come on guys if you love fortnite and muselk plz like my comment
FaZe _ kings YT
Write in comments of this comment WHO WAS USING MECHS???!! MECHS was BROKEN!!!!!
phanos clerides
Make a challenge with out losing shot
Dylan Poe
easyest challenge ever
Cold Assassin
You should try the no meds challenge
zhi pei zhou
no this is impossible:
no heals
no building
green loot only
crouch forever
no skydiving
24K Gl1tch
No he’s triggered
ans lehmler
Muselk: this mech pilot is noob
Mech pilot: dude im a renegade raider
Patrick Holmes
Try to survive and win a game without do anything, no building and guns :)
Bro. Ive never usex a mech
XB - 08HH - Cheyne MS (1494)
Can you blow up the mech
Valpis power
i thougth you said mats first i was like: Yes! but then you said mech i just fuck!
Catherine De Felice
Easy challenge
Ocas!o_ insaneBTW
Thats so easy your a bot
Shadow Layu
Winning without mechs is incredibly easy now all you have to do is win
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KEVIN IS BACK!! (Zapper Trap This Fortnite Challenge Is IMPOSSIBLE! 5 months ago   20:28

Second Channel!
Muselk Merch:

My recording gear:

Twitter (best place to message me):
Twitch Stream: