peach running away from Gordon Ramsay Being Served 2 weeks ago   11:25

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LostBenath TheMoonandStars
Lol.I talk to my babies (dog and cat both 1.5yrold) the same way haha fully explaining the reasons why I’m not giving them something or why we’re doing something. 😆 even in protest (they do try ) for me to know when they don’t want to listen. It is quite entertaining and precious. I wouldn’t trade it for the world 🐶 🐱 💕
Only liked the video bc peachy is too cute in the thumbnail
1:32 headbutt
1:50 full blown bodyslam
wow, these people are rich
Obviously peach just wanted a green shirt instead.
Jynxi Juxtapoze
i’m dying, what a high quality vlog. he’s got ducking b-roll, i am losing it. 😂😭
If I was playing baseball and saw Kermit walk by I'd probably vomit
Kate Miller
Kermit looks like mr.krocker from fairly odd parents
Evan Rules
There’s something so calming about watching Kermit cry
Paula Gonzalez
lmfao what the fuck are your dogs. they're so goofy and weird.. bless them.
KC Sassy love
Is Julian a photographer like oww
Nice Try
I’ve been clickbaited. I was really out here believing I would hear peach bark for the first time
Exotics WithNature
Tell Jenna to send me a plant 😭
Karen Stephens
Jenna, ur just such a gd momma.. We need more girls like this in the world. ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Lindy Vargas
Does anyone else think that marbles’ face has changed since he’s been toothless?
Lindy Vargas
Does anyone else think that marbles’ face has changed since he’s been toothless?
Love Made
I freaking love this video. I love you guys. I love your doggies. I love the love you have for your doggies. I love how much your guy's vlogs make me smile & laugh & coo at your doggies & how cute & funny & sweet they are!! 🥰🥰🥰😍😍💞💝🙏🏻👌🏻🌟👍🏻😊😊☺️😁😄😆😂😅🤣
Love Made
I liked this just from the thumbnail alone! Lol! Too cute! Now am watching the video. 🥰😍💞🤗☺️😚😚🐶
Alex Grey
Miss weach control yourself madam
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Gordon Ramsay Being Served peach running away from 2 weeks ago   13:34

Some of the worst fish mains being served on Kitchen Nightmares.

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