Breaking Down the Oscars By the Minute Rare snow falls in California 2 days ago   03:06

Wall Street Journal
The Journal took a stopwatch to the last five years of Oscar broadcasts to breakdown what’s filling up those more than three-and-half hours. WSJ’s Jason Bellini reports the findings. Photo Illustration: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal.

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Joshua Smith
Clickbait, no mention of long scars wut so ever!
Baby Snake
Democratic Party used Oscars to attack Republican Party made Oscars dead!
Remove all commercials cuts then you'll have a simple 2 hours ceremony on TV.
Cajoboy California
Hollywood limousine liberal elitists ruined everything some time ago. What an unfunny joke.
Pirate their movies. Don't give them a dime. But support everyone else.
Crist Counterman
It’s because they have too much political speeches
Kev Cyberpunk
Just fast walk to the stage and keep the speech brief, no more political statements.
b k
Your video is too long wj.
Because virtue signaling takes a long time.
ummmm.... a Video awards show showing videos.... is bad????
Do like the Tonys do, and have the lesser known awards handed out in a seperate cast.
It goes in so called celebrities telling us what to think and do even though almost non of them have even a diploma...
Robert Clawson should get an Oscar.
Step Tart
I've never watched the Oscars, Grammy or any Hollywood award show in my life, consider me lucky!
H Pn
Show should be cancelled.
It's fake. Totally political.
These so called actors buy their own awards.

The show is a publicity stunt to promote their personal agendas.

Drama is dead.
Detour Gaming
3rd Comment But 2nd Person To Comment Cause Pointless Pointless Commented Twice.
Pointless Pointless
Pointless Pointless
Someone sub to me need subs
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Rare snow falls in California Breaking Down the Oscars By the Minute 2 days ago   02:21

Snow blanketed parts of Southern California, Nevada and Arizona and covered Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood just days before the Oscars.


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