Humpty Dumpty 2.0 30s Humpty Dumpty | Song | Nursery 1 day ago   00:31

G Suite

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Angelo Giuffrida
Awesome context, funny, witty and quick whilst showcasing G Suite strengths. Absolutely loved it!
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Humpty Dumpty | Song | Nursery Humpty Dumpty 2.0 30s 1 day ago   01:01

"Ready, Set, Sing!" is a hands-on English language learning series for young children.
With rich contents such as nursery rhyme stories, easy-to follow hands-on crafts & games, and theme related songs, children will gain reading skills, improve vocabulary, and even build a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

스토리와 함께하는 노래, 요리, 미술, 과학 체험영어 시리즈!
융합인재교육(STEAM)으로 가는 첫 걸음 "Ready, Set, Play!"시리즈 중 "Ready, Set, Sing!" 시리즈의 Health_Humpty Dumpty의 Song Animation입니다.