Humpty Dumpty 2.0 30s Humpty Dumpty Egg Cake | Kawaii 1 day ago   00:31

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Humpty Dumpty Egg Cake | Kawaii Humpty Dumpty 2.0 30s 1 day ago   12:03

This Humpty Dumpty Egg Cake is a great idea for an Easter egg cake.

Can I decorate a Cake in under 30 min? Subscribe and find out.

Welcome to KOALIPOPS! My name is JK Denim. I like to make cute little cake people, do arts and crafts and create DIY costumes. Each week I’ll teach you how to decorate an AWESOME cake. My videos are 50% VLOG, 50% cake art & 100% entertaining.

I try to lean into the VLOG elements because I’m more interested in telling you why I created something rather than how. While many of my cakes are based on characters from Marvel, Disney, Horror Films, Pokémon, DC and other popular franchises I often bake and design my own original characters as well!

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- Camera: Cannon 80D
- Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro


Music by Dennis Alvarez