Pakistan vows to respond to any Indian Complete Speech: PM Imran Khan 2 days ago   00:45

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan said his country would respond to any aggression in disputed Kashmir. Mr Khan accused New Delhi of planning military action in the region and said it was time to teach India a lesson.

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sagar sonawane
There is only one terrorist country.. Only Pakistan ...they hided osama bin Laden.. And they have terrorist camps in them country
Kartik Nimbalkar 🈲
They are the ones who will look bad if they do so,
Mushrique e Islami
Make Pakistan Secular again. Reject religious theocracy of toxic Two Nation Theory. End objectives resolution and Islamism. Reject religiois hate against non muslims and chinese. Love all hindu and chinese mushriques. Bring a new secular constitution for Pakistan . Form a new constituent assembly of Pakistan. End the rule of army and mullahs. Stop nuclear blackmail by Imran Khan. End racist supremacism of islam being taught in Pak Studies to children. Make Pakistan great again. Secular Pakistan Zindabad. Love all humans. Peace to world.
Kush Sharma
😅 I'm from J&K nd don't see any violence 🤣🤣🤣 people are changed or peace is arrived
khawar hussain
Prosenjit Deb
pm of begger country.
Melodic Nostalgic
Pakistan has a Prime Minister ? I thought its Military ran the Nation.
Rony Nair
Nothing is going to happen Pak can't do anything they can just spread fake news
Anglo Saxon
India can destroy Pakistan and the west should help them do just that.Pakistan is a terrorist state.
Carlos SpicyWiener67
Nukes in Pakistan: I'm about to end India's whole career

Nukes in India: I'm about to end Pakistans whole career
Harimohan Haldar
India is devided into pieses by Britishers at their own interest, now it is time of India to take all the pieces distribution by foreigners
travel bloke
nice joke buddy 😀😁
total universe
Porkistan 😜😜😜
DMC HeadHunters
Good for them 👍✌
Launch the NUKES already ......... Pissing contest ain't gonna finish the fight.
YodaGrammar l
Good for Pak.
Defend the rights and liberty of people of Kashmir from India aggression. We the freedom loving people of US support any country that fights for people's freedom!!
Go Pak!
Banana Joe
Wars, and rumors of wars. We live in exciting times.
lipu lee
Pok is belong to india
Wouldn't do that Pakistan ,sounds like you need to sit down and think about that
IMustBe Crazy
Pakistan will nuke India.
Good bye AT&T support.
And refund scamners that empty your bank account. And Bollywood.
So... So long?
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Complete Speech: PM Imran Khan Pakistan vows to respond to any Indian 2 days ago   36:42

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Complete Speech of PM Imran Khan to the Azad Jammu & Kashmir Assembly
-PM Imran Khan Historic Speech In Azad Kashmir Assembly
-PM Imran addresses to the Azad Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly.

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