Jack Nicholson winning an Oscar® Whoopi Goldberg winning Best 1 day ago   03:41

Frances McDormand presenting Jack Nicholson the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "As Good as it Gets" at the 70th Academy Awards® in 1998.

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ru ru
Completely forgot to mention Helen Hunt, yet he's sat right next to and looking directly at her.
Mark Minter
Robert Duvall should have won.
Kyle Hillinger
My God, I don't know a third of the people he is mentioning, but I'll listen because he speaks with that cheerful charm, relaxation, and charisma.
James Ruiz
This is a pretty controversial opinion but I think matt damon should’ve won. I finished watching as good as it gets and 80% of it is SO GOOD, good will hunting was amazing through everything
A Joker in real life. A Legend
Juan Carlos Uceda Pérez
Standing ovation???? What happened??? Someone explain me
Jack's eyes beyond discription.........
Darragh Farrell
Jack Nicholson is the greatest actor in the creation of the entire universe!?!
huge actor
scott h
Jack is As Good as it Gets
Nemanja C
People just love him, and that`s the fact :)
Trying to make sense
Chinatown, get movie.
joseph grossenbacher
"... my old bike pal fonda ... " ... !!!
anywaythewindblows 89
Dusty haha
Most charismatic man on the planet
Blue Collar Men Productions
Jimmy Kimmel is happy about this
Andy Swervy
Still the coolest guy on the planet
Maria Vivanco
He didnt greet helen!
Hayder Ghazwan
I miss Jack Nicholson
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Whoopi Goldberg winning Best Jack Nicholson winning an Oscar® 1 day ago   02:43

Denzel Washington presenting Whoopi Goldberg with the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "Ghost" at the 63rd Annual Academy Awards® in 1991.