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Jack Nicholson Winning An Oscar® | Denzel Washington Wins Best - At Up-Tube.com

Jack Nicholson winning an Oscar® Denzel Washington Wins Best 1 day ago   03:41

Frances McDormand presenting Jack Nicholson the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "As Good as it Gets" at the 70th Academy Awards® in 1998.

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Vignesh Gv
He is very humble
Dean Wayne
He didn't know that
Crypto Knight
Jack Nicholson crashed into a guy in down town Los Angeles. When the guy saw who it was his anger instantly changed to joy and asked for his autograph and told Jack to forget about the damage to his car. That's a true story and tell just how gigantic and iconic Nicholson really is. He is one of the few in history who are bigger than life.
Gerry Durran
Great actor but never as good as Brando!!!
Coolest human being on the planet.
Sanjay Bakshi
There is jack and everyone else
Donald Paquette
Jack Nicholson & Christopher Walken.
Best actors. Ever.
Jordan Haas
Hi Lloyd.....little slow tonight isn't it.
khane abina
Frances McDormand had the baddest entrance thoooo luv her
Nini Gabrichidze
Jack Nicholson and Matt Damon are my favourite actors❤️❤️
Rasmus R
Always the coolest cat in the room
___ Arch
Helen Hunt didn’t get a mention, I thought she looked a little put out.
Leo DiCaprio was snubbed
What a funny sad movie!
Mariusz Kopeć
Boring as always
Joseph Fernando
One of my all time favorite movies..of course Mr Nicholson stole the show..but the entire cast was at the top of their game.
lgmnow kondo
the best of all time...and As Good As it Gets was absolutely perfect!
Naomi Elizabeth Murphy
A time when films were good....and great....
Ramamurthy kumara raja
Love and respect jack nickshloson
Brita Cashman-Tarrant
Not the best actor but I finally loved him in Anger Management.
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Denzel Washington Wins Best Jack Nicholson winning an Oscar® 1 day ago   03:15

Denzel Washington wins the Oscar for Best Actor for Training Day at the 74th Annual Academy Awards. Julia Roberts presents the award.

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