San Jose State University, College 5 Tips for Computer Science Freshmen 3 months ago   05:15

San Jose State University, Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering is one of the top providers of fresh, new engineering talent to the bustling industry in Silicon Valley. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the College has tailored it's programs, outreach, and facilities to meet the needs of the growing industry in the surrounding areas. Students are able to work directly with outside industry partners to solve real world problems, and ultimately transition smoothly into a career.

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5 Tips for Computer Science Freshmen San Jose State University, College 3 months ago   03:17

Starting college is a big adjustment for anyone, but it can be especially daunting for CS majors. After all, they're jumping into a tough curriculum that's very different from the work they did in high school. Even those who've taken Computer Science will face big changes. To ease the transition, Cat's collected a few pieces of advice from former CS majors -- ideas they wish they'd learned about sooner.
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