Default boi gets a girlfriend.... FORTNITE IS FUN 1 week ago   10:23

hope youre all enjoying your summer so far. remember to always live life and have fun with it ya hurrrrrdddddd

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Outro Song: Josh A - No Chill

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EG n0thing
EG n0thing
A bit boring
Neelasha Bhattacharjee
FE4RR's real name is ali he also has a sister
Raymond Gomez
Play black ops 3
Thank you
Alyssa Casasis
You said no more monthly video's or your not making any video's ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
Yvng Prazy
at least you’re not ceedat
Rash Terminated
*AyE mAn I’m A gUy* 2:03 I’m dead *iNsIdE*
Jalissa Ortiz
Post more love your content
Best squad : NoahsnNoah, Fearless, Ceeday and HjDoogan(pls watch hjdoogan)
Cam :P
I gotchu * demonic laugh* >:)
Alexia Ayala
0:55 the fact he said my name, only spelt different. i- am shook.
Shadow Luunatik
5:24 what's the name of the music please ?
Lincoln Xander
J - Money Bagz
Fe4rless promise me no swearing ok ok thank u 👍👍👍😃
Thank u sooo much if no swearing I watch %99.99.99 of ur vids
Rosbi Mamat
I love your video can I add you my username is AdhaNintendo I play on Nintendo Switch
Ghost _cat
best Video ever xD
D Boi
Am I the only on that wants fearless to play MINECRAFT
Why do all the good YouTubers upload so late
Upload more
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FORTNITE IS FUN Default boi gets a girlfriend.... 1 week ago   10:01

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Whats up guys today is another family friendly, incredible, troll, and rage funtage. if you like hilarious idiots then i hope you enjoy this fitz inspired vid! griefing, amazing, incredible, trolling, morons, roasting, plu, cringe, damage