Cutting Soap For My Dog While He Wears 🔥 ADS THAT USE ME ... WITHOUT PERMISSION 3 months ago   10:57

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Its Sheena🙆
Hey Jenna is this from the time you met Steve Jobs ?
Lucky BK
Her dogs and Julien's reaction to Jenna is so funny XD I can't even

He doesn't want to do it in his turtle neck Because he can't get the full face on soap experience
Deshawn Melson
Kermit...I like your turtleneck
Tbone 213
An cermit looks sooo majestic
This is the quality content I subscribed for.
Sergeant Pugsly
Kermit is done with your shit
* Doodlebug *
“ I love when I cut soap and you cry, it’s such a nice thing”
Ariel E
ling ling
Cermet looks like Steve Jobs with the glasses and turtle neck
Renan Pereira
She looks like hannibal and the dog thinks the soap is the victim
Grimlow _
You guys straight comedians and the dog lmao
träsh vïbes
“what’s werid bout this we having FAMILY TIME!!” 😂😂💞💞
kermit's soap fetish never stops being funny
J Doe
I like to watch this lady play with her dogs and dress them up in outfits and even cut soap for her dog because I miss my dog a lot right now and sometimes I go to Narcotics Anonymous and tell them about how I miss my dog so much so I just sit around and watch this other lady Jenna Marbles play with her dogs and put clothes on them and it makes the other losers mad but I don't care I'm not on drugs and I will have my doggy with me soon and we can watch Jenna Marbles play with her dogs together because my dog likes to watch other Dogs on TV so it will be fun and I will be happy and I can go to Narcotics Anonymous and tell them all about it.
I don't understand why she has 19m subscribers.
Midnight Gacha Girl :3
She's cutting the soap to get rid of it cuz she has so much frfrom the soap bed for spearmint
Turtle neck Kermit is far too sophisticated to roll around in soap like a commoner #snob
Why that look like the guy from split
Roya R.
*I don't think kermit likes Irish soap anymore*
lili Montes
I can’t take him serious with those glasses😂
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🔥 ADS THAT USE ME ... WITHOUT PERMISSION Cutting Soap For My Dog While He Wears 3 months ago   13:20

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