LaVar Ball reveals who he wants Gordon Ramsay’s WORST Chicken 2 weeks ago   15:40

The Herd with Colin Cowherd
LaVar Ball joins Colin Cowherd on the show today to talk about the Los Angeles Lakers. Hear who LaVar wants as Lakers' HC, what the team should do with Lonzo Ball and what his relationship with Magic Johnson is like.

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LaVar Ball reveals who he wants as Lakers HC, talks relationship with Magic Johnson | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Who should be the Head Coach for the Lakers?
Herman Austin
Lavar is right they need Mike Dantoni or someone like that not Luke Goldenstate Walton!
Soul 37
Climate change is real. Will bring my pea coat and fleece when I go to NOLA.
God forbid it snows in LA lonzo be like I’m calling in sick today I’m not walking to my Bentley in this snow they don’t pay me enough 😂, what a joke these balls are
Jay Leezy
Honestly, I think Lonzo would've been better off not getting drafted #1.. If he went later in the draft to a small market team like Charlotte or Orlando he could thrive and enjoy his new career and grow. I actually feel sorry for him. He seems like good kid
Christian Lopez
While everyone is on the Soulja boy gamin console, I'm waiting on the Lavar Ball gaming console. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #bigballerbrand
Mark Jackson should be the next coach of the Lakers
salah arbouch
y all gotta
respek this man s hustle 4 his kids
Lavar Bigballs
Yo my son is the GOAT.
k block
🅱️🅱️🅱️ Get dat MERCH yo
Tim Sanderson
0:24 "Everything goes perfectly for me."
Well except for your own sports career. You're not even really a has-been...more like a never-was.
D.j. Hylanda
What about putting up the numbers to be the face of the franchise!!! The numbers don't lie lavar...if lonzo had kuzma numbers this wouldn't be a issue...he ain't no scrub but REALLY needs to work on that shooting and overall energy on the court...hire mark Jackson
Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城
luke hanging by a fingernail wow hes right
Gary Newman
Your Son is GARBAGE
Stephen Benson
Why do you waste time giving that arrogant self absorbed air time?
He's actually on point about letting Lonzo do his thing. The Lakers look lost without him
Broderick Nelson
It gets pretty hot here in Louisiana.
Clay Lepchenske
Serious. He is a warm weather guy? You play where your needed, and wanted. not just LA because its LA. I'm in San Francisco, but if I'm needed in NYC than I'm off to new york
Lavar might spend 90% of the time hyping up his sons, but when he starts talking about other nba players, you realize that he’s actually knowledgeable.
Guy Prieto
He failed. 💪 Hard work beats loud talk 👄 all day everyday
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Gordon Ramsay’s WORST Chicken LaVar Ball reveals who he wants 2 weeks ago   11:51

From chicken wrapped shrimp to chicken being cooked after being dropped onto the floor.

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