800+ HP Corvette Z06 Review | Supercars I BOUGHT MY WIFE A NEW CORVETTE!! 10 months ago   13:54

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With all of the hype around the 2019 Corvette ZR1 and constant rumors about the C8 mid-engine Corvette you don't hear much about the C7 Corvette Z06 these days. I had the opportunity to spend the day with an extremely fast modified Z06 that reminded me why this car is still one of the best values in the sports car segment. Especially, with the current great pricing/incentives and tons of modifications available, the C7 Z06 too good to overlook!

Special thanks to David & Karen Thomas!

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Cars, Costs and Technology
Car show ✔️ Race track ✔️ Drag Strip ✔️ Drive to work ✔️ Not much that this car can't do... Thanks for watching!
Which fuse to remove to get that constant sound? Amazin car!
I had the opportunity to see the car and owner in person great experience
I have seen this car at that drag strip many times.
Edysin Simon
To my eyes, those wheels are the best looking set on the current C-7 models!
Always see him at cars and coffee and once I was parked next to him, he leaned on my car while talking to his friends. I turned on my alarm from a distance... it spooked him lol.
Carlos Suarez
Those transmissions are rated at 650 ft lbs by GM. I wonder how passing that amount affects the lifespan of the transmission...
Rusty Zipper
Loved it!
The idle sound is horrible, it almost sounds like something is broken but the sound when revved it great.
Husaini Syed
This Vette is wicked!!
Kenny Nabors
One word describe this car in this video awesome great video once again. Can you please go video on the C4 Corvette please
Backyard Chevy
Love the look of the car..especially those black lines👍
It's nice to see an owner actually Drive a vette, not slap drag slicks on it and make youtube videos. I can think of 100 other cars that would be way better for drag racing, but only a handful that would dominate almost any car and get some great FAST times on a real racetrack.
Andrew Wizard15
I can’t believe the new Z06 is almost as fast as the ford GT! That’s crazy!
Michael Gonzales
Peter Carey
Sounds like your friend really has his Z dialed-in. The "Tron" look makes it very unique. Nice to see chrome wheels as well. :-) Great content and vid quality - as always. Save the Wave.
Now we have ANOTHER super car killer.
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I BOUGHT MY WIFE A NEW CORVETTE!! 800+ HP Corvette Z06 Review | Supercars 10 months ago   11:39

Today my wife's 2017 C7 Grand Sport Collector's Edition arrived. Now we can go to Corvette Events and take both of our sons. Its going to an amazing summer with the new GS and the new ZR1 that should be here within the week.

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