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Welcome To New Haven Connecticut | Tour Of My House In Connecticut - Update - At Up-Tube.com

Welcome to NEW HAVEN Connecticut Tour of my house in Connecticut - Update 1 day ago   02:01

By Anna Magliaro (April 2012)

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Brenda Laprince
Its a beautiful city that has been managed poorly. Taxes are too high, no jobs, and a lot of despair and poverty. To many schools being built, kids graduating and can't find jobs. To many shootings, so you don't feel safe going out at night. I think the city of New Haven needs a strong leader.
Miniver Cheevy
It once was a great place to live but not a great place to visit. Now it is neither.
Miniver Cheevy
If you check the demographics and the crime rate you may  decide not to live  there. I lived there until I was 31, moved out  and never returned.
Kar Lynch
I'll come
Kar Lynch
If I will come on there
Boe Dillard
LOL - New Haven - one of NE's cultural gems. Come to Detroit one of the US most dynamic cities.
Paving Companies in CT
New Haven is located in New Haven County and as far as I'm concerned has the best places to eat and visit in Southern Connecticut. Pepes and Salis Pizza both serve the best pies in Southern Connecticut and New Haven County...
wh ds
How can get me number at new hawan embasi
Jeffrey Hawthorne Goines
New Haven boasts some of the most hideous buildings on earth, indeed the Pirelli Building and a few more, but the Yale School of Architecture is a masterwork of utter ugliness, which very few buildings can match; there is, of course, also City Hall in Boston, though, the absolute paragon of hideousness, a testament to human folly
Don Carbon
oh yes, lighthouse park is just a couple of blocks away from downtown N'aven.
what a laugh this is.
Brian Chapman
New Haven is not dead. The city however can be deadly. Due to the poor management of the State of Connecticut and the larger cities such as New Haven by wrongful political values which decimate this once prosperous state... Crime is rampant in the dark. But it is an historic city anyhow. It is most beautiful to look upon from Sleeping Giant Park. The Carmel Summit. This view is not available because a massive storm took out the state Park and most of the trees. Maybe someone above is trying to tell us all somethin. By the way... New Haven harbors those who choose to take advantage of others which are citizens of the USA. Beautiful, historic city that panders for votes. Sad.
manju aero
I love the city new Haven♥️ I want to live in this place but I am in India.
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"eat Swedish food at ikea" how is that unlike the 500 other cities that have ikea lol
Septic Tank Pumping & Grease Trap Cleaning Pros
New Haven and New Haven County both have the best Neapolitan pizza places in the country. Sal Pepe's is one of the best if not the best with the wood-fired burned crust and cheese on the edges. Yale is in New Have also, so you can get a great education while consuming soe of the best pizza in the world. How can you beat that?
Ricardo Zea
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Was once a nice place to live
Dung Nguyen
this time I jump right into the conclusion of many years search for the right city to live, I choose this, I decide that upon the garage at home which is cute, the people here and the supply with more consume on the way, I like the envir, atmos and the just be here style with more to explore and the settlement here is historic and realistic than other towns..so cons and pros.
Secely Torres
I was born and raised there. New Haven used to be cool but now it's like dead. Nothing is the same as before. ah well
too true but the city is changing
Fatima Hasan
how can get scholarship in new heaven university?
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Tour of my house in Connecticut - Update Welcome to NEW HAVEN Connecticut 1 day ago   08:32

I have been in my house now about 8 months and keep getting asked for an update video so here it is. Not as exciting as M4 drag races sorry.

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