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Watch Me Edit & Retouch This | - At Up-Tube.com

Watch Me Edit & Retouch This 3 months ago   23:00

Jessica Kobeissi
Retouch and edit of a portrait.
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Photo taken with Canon 5D Mark 4 using 24-70 2.8 II lens.


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Comments 138 Comments

Thank yo very much for showing the process! It IS really helpful! I do relax when edit video or photo too.
I'm in the sect of zen while retouching with you ^_^
Jessica's famous last words: "What else could I add to this?"
tara elliott
i love when u do this kind of video, pls do more ! love u❤️
Oscar Ntege
Excellent video,definitely giving me creative ideas for my next photography tutorial and photoshoot!👌
Anthony PC
what options can we do about blemishes overlapped by hairs which, especially around the forehead, or thin parts of a beard ?
Anthony PC
this becomes borderline ASMR...
Alice Marplehorvat
That 'light leaking' tip is AMAZING! It makes such a stunning difference .
Well done. I don't like the green hair though.
How to edit black and white please Jess!
More please!
Amy Elbourne
This has been the most helpful 22 minutes and 59 seconds of my photography career thank you!
Jacqueline Suezanne
Anybody know what she uses to edit 😍 I’m just starting out and looking for ideas
Katharina Müller
you edit on your ipad? do you use a pen?
Roshan Chandra
I actually had a great time listening to you doing this. Also I love editing , put I do that on my phone , learned allot .
Make more, Thanks :)
mugi wara
Should have gone with back&white
Samrawit Mamo
yassss! more videos like this please!
I love you
D'yanis Samuel
Thank you for posting this video. Im trying to really learn frequency separation but your videos are always helpful and I love that you do videos of all skin tones thank you!
do you have a frequency separation video?
Charlie King
jessicaaaaaa, the frecuency action doesnt work on photoshop 2019 or maybe i dont know how to use it in 2019, it used to worked perfect on 2018
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Watch Me Edit & Retouch This 3 months ago   03:51

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