Maddie Ziegler Quits Dance Dance Moms: Dance Digest: 1 month ago   03:13

Dance Facts
Maddie Ziegler has left Lifetime show dance moms to pursue other dancing jobs.

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Ra Jr
Cut to Maddie on SYTYCD Kids
miriam bachunguye
I feel sad . For real they living 😫☹️😢😷
RubyMay Sings
It’s not coz of a fight it’s coz she was busy
Ravenunicorn727 Love
Abby has locked herself into the bath room 😂
Amy Smith
This made me 😢 cry
Meg’s YouTube account
At least Mackenzie gets to eat her chips...
Lmar Fahad
She locked her self in the bathroom😆😆😆 I’m sitting here thinking 🤔 wth is she doing😂😂😂
Ashtyn Braunstein
I want the old dance moms back 😢
Anna Isabella
I crying so hard
x.xtxlia x.x
2:03 when my mum says i cant have chicken pie for dinner
x.xtxlia x.x
Nia won the dance moms hunger games
I’m legit crying
Diana Manrique
I was crying please never stop dreaming
Squshie Life
Mak Delkaso
that was so sad!!!!!!!!!!
Ebony Yates
Poor kenzie
Alli Lewis
They made me cry
Hannah Smith
I’m not gonna lie I literally watch this or another video of them leaving and I cry they are so good
Anahis The Tomatoe
“The show must go on”
Sarcastic Attitude
roses are red
violets are blue
I just got clickedbait
AND so did you
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Dance Moms: Dance Digest: Maddie Ziegler Quits Dance 1 month ago   05:01

Watch the evolution of Chloe's solo against her new competitor, Kamryn, in this dance digest of "Lucky Star" from Season 4, Episode 16, "Presenting My New Team". #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller
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