A NEW MUSTANG GT for My Best Friend!!! (But 510HP Ford Raptor Review 2 months ago   23:07

Street Speed 717
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Thanks to Lakey Inspired for the vlog music!

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Street Speed 717
WATCH OUT THERE'S A NEW MUSTANG ON THE ROAD WITH A NEW MANUAL DRIVER BEHIND THE WHEEL... The 2019 Grand Sport Giveaway is freakin live!!! Check out the site and make sure you're entered! Good luck! https://www.inshanedesigns.com/
Jessy Darrow
I got a 2015 gt and 3-4 you get locked out all the freaking time, you would think they could fix that after 6 years
I want a GT too and I don’t know how to drive stick, so seen hem drive made me so nervous, hopefully that’ll be me some day
Yo where's the link to his channel? xD
Sounds like mine, which is a 2012 but similar spec. They do have mufflers, this one looks like it was muffler delete and the mufflers in the center added. similar to glass packs but it sounds like my 1000$ Bassani Catback system, i'm guessing maybe it has headers too?
Just picked up my snow life decal
Rylee Hyslop
Yes they have muffler I own a 2010 and when I had mine taken off there were mufflers there
Zac Lucarz
That looks to have muffler deletes! Love the car! Right now I have 2007 4.6 Mustang but want a 5.0 more than anything!
Man I remember buying my fiesta st for a daily about 18 months ago zero experience and drove it 4 1/2 hours home. Haven’t gone a day without ripping gears. Rain,shine, bumper to bumper traffic in miami
js550gt Jerry
That’s how it come stocks
Mike Barron
Nice car.. The mustang is alway a run ride..
Kevin Ledbetter
How is he filming with the goPro and shifting gears?
Alex Molina
Where in nova are you im in arlington.
keith Woodworth
mufflers go in back by the back bumper just like the S550
marco zr
i wonder if he was truly liking the mustang or was he just playing around
Absolute Longplay
He will learn and he will love to drive his car everyday.
Christian Sarmiento
Who ever wins hope you got money for maintenance 😂😂💯
country-side rebal-life country-side rebal-life
Get a mustang next for you and build it up for racing
William Mustang
Yes you are right there are supposed to be Mufflers there somebody did a muffler delete
Andres Martinez
I got a 2012 with a muffler delete sounds exactly the same👌
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510HP Ford Raptor Review A NEW MUSTANG GT for My Best Friend!!! (But 2 months ago   11:59

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For this in depth video I was invited to Zen Racing to drive one of their coolest projects to date. This is a brand new Ford Raptor sporting the Ecoboost twin turbo engine that now makes 510HP and 700 ft pounds of torque thanks to the research the team has done at Zen Racing. This Ford Raptor with the 10 speed is no joke, with the turbos spooling and never falling out of boost. Compared to the V8 Ford Raptor it's a completely different experience, and is one I had to share. It feels like taking the Taurus SHO with an even more powerful engine, and turning it into a mean workhorse of a truck. The 2019 Ford Edge ST could have really learned from this thing to make it way more intense. Thanks for watching!

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