Steve Mnuchin Testifies Before Mnuchin clashes with House 2 days ago   1:37:49

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RECLAIMING HER TIME: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) come face-to-face again as Mnuchin testifies before the House Financial Services Committee, which 'Aunty Maxine' chairs. It is Mnuchin's first appearance on Capitol Hill after refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena for President Trump's tax returns.
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Germane Brown
Im only here for Maxine Waters 😂
Obama actually provided a forged birth certificate, according to a team of document forensics experts hired by the the Maricopa Country Sheriff's Department. So Trump didn't actually renege. He's just smart enough to know a con job when he sees one.
I would like to arrest Mnuchin for failing to do his job when requested
El Mestizo gObLiNo
No more wars for Israel
Frank Mazzio
How do you you crummy liberals live with yourselves??? you are the ruination of this country and should be fumigated....You are a bunch of whiny spineless morally confused degenerates that need to be lobotomized
Carl Malone
That fuckstick ruined sears.
The redesign of the 20 dollar bill..
It's either yes or no
Mr Mnuchin can't answer the question on the retirement pension payment..
Funny how he can't answer questions to things that he's supposed to be over ..
The DOJ doesn't write laws..
Sylvia Morgan
A republican did the investigation so how did democrat lies And The attorney general which is also a republican lied lied on that report that he gave to the public and the IRS has refused to release trump taxes because of the president
toney ingram
He's a Lowdown lying dog who work for satan and trump
Makati_ Crazy
2 year audit what is wrong with his taxes that it is taking that long hmm fishy I bet that audit will last 4 to 8 years lol
Simon Lim
This Secretary of Treasury would have been jailed if this is any other country other than America.Such arrogance displayed by him despite so many violations of the law .
Gerard Heck
Mnuchin looks like a weasel....oh, wait a minute. He is a weasel.
Seminole Nation
Maxine Waters is a disturbing human being.
Robert Hennessey
He is a bigot . he wants nothing to do with putting a woman on our currency , never mind a black woman. He just another arm of Trump's clan.
allen evans
How can we expect Japan to listen to anything this guy is requesting now that they know he can’t answer simple yes or no questions?
Robert Hennessey
What about the sanctions on Russia . Why did the Trump administration lift the sanctions on the aluminum co. In Russia., which has a tie to Mitch McConnell. Something shady there , you think. Fish face is a useless cog , in this administration..
Robert Hennessey
Shall means must , no wiggle room . Shall is a definite. Must hand them over.
Gloria Clayton
This guy need to be in jail.
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Mnuchin clashes with House Steve Mnuchin Testifies Before 2 days ago   05:19

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin responds to questions from Rep. Ayanna Pressley before the House Financial Services Committee on a potential redesign of the $20 bill including Harriet Tubman.

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