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Film Theory: How To Beat Michael | Michael Myers Evolution In Halloween - At Up-Tube.com

Film Theory: How To BEAT Michael Michael Myers Evolution in Halloween 10 months ago   14:22

The Film Theorists
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Halloween is a CLASSIC horror movie - the granddaddy of the slasher genre. It introduced to the world the iconic Michael Myers. Who, when you think about, seems like some kind of SUPER human. That got me thinking, how does he keep escaping death? Theorists, today we figure out how to BEAT Michael Myers once and for all!

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Comments 10612 Comments

Dead Meat
You could probably just pump a dog full of radiation and leave it out for Michael to eat. Man, he loves eatin' dogs.
Timo Cruz
You simply cannot
And he actually speed walks when he needs to.
Tara Crider
I like Rob Zombie's version because it explains more and is just basically scarier
The motivational michael poster should be merch
Puppet101 E
So wait... if you chop michal in half, then will both ends grow back!?!
Jayden Santiago
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Kyle Parker
There is nothing you can do. He’s an unstoppable force and will find a way to get you no matter what. I think he would be too smart to fall in a radiation trap.
AJ Banky
Here's a question. How did the Firefly family survive the ending of, "The Devils Rejects" to come back for another sequel?
Omniscient Poet
So here’s a question, just out of curiosity. A Komodo dragon is able stop cells from repairing blood wounds by venom from its mouth. This is purely hypothetical, but if a Komodo Dragon were to bite Michael Myers, would his regenerative abilities be able to heal the wound?
Saito Hiraga
What about irradiating and dump him in a pool of acid... you know, just to make sure lol
Jason Coward
How to kill M. Myers.
You could talk him to death.
Science is for retards.
Lukine Gluposti
you can't
Gaming Wiht Goku Soekamti
Don't let he see this (*゚ロ゚)
Edward Bathory
Michael cant died not because hes immortal its because if they killed him now fans would complain so their probably gonna kill him off when people get bored of him
Sonni D
Just *"NO U"*
Shadow Hunter
One day after this theory
Holloween creators:hahahahahhahahahhhhjHahAaaaauahaahahah
Viggo Wheeler
Jason Voorhees - I'm I a joke to you?
Redsox706 1066
mY nAmE jEt
Or he’s just a different person in every movie.
crystal fahrer
*cough cough cancer cough cough*
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Michael Myers Evolution in Halloween Film Theory: How To BEAT Michael 10 months ago   05:21

A seemingly normal American boy, Michael Myers picks up a knife at the age of 6 and systematically butchers his older sister Judith in pure malice. Years later, he escapes an asylum to kill and hunt down anyone connected to him, including his little sister Laurie Strode.

1. Halloween (1978)
2. Halloween II (1981)
3. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)
4. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)
5. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)
6. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)
7. Halloween: Resurrection (2002)
8. Halloween (2007)
9. Halloween II (2009)
10. Halloween (2018)

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