"I do hate SOME kids?!": Kids Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump 5 months ago   07:29

BBC Radio 1
"Little monsters!"

Kids ask Tom Hanks the questions no adult would ever dare to - Where do you park your Yacht? Do you sing Toy Story songs in the shower? What's the naughtiest thing you've done at work?

Find out how Tom aka Woody from from Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4, handles the U.K's hardest hitting young journalists.

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Comments 399 Comments

Darlington Ojobo
Brenda AKA The Real Grammy
Tom Hanks is a treasure. He is so gifted with the talent of acting.
He seems so down to earth. He’s humble, he’s so funny.
I was 15 years old, when I watched a funny new TV show. It was called “Bosom Buddies”. I’d never heard of those 2 guys. But I remember that Mr Hanks made me laugh so hard, my mom thought I was crying. I became an instant fan. If I was told that I could meet anyone in the world - oh yes. Mr Hanks. We could have lunch - with Rita too. I just admire how he seems like a regular ol’ person. Not “Do you know who I am?”
I told my husband that I’m adding “Meet Tom Hanks” to my Bucket List. I only had 2 things
1 - See Garth Brooks in concert (✅ in July)
which left me with just one more
Go to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
I probably have the same odds of going there as I do of having lunch with Tom Hanks.
ahmad farid
Love this guy
Sergio Alcantara
God, the british accent is just terribly annoying.
Btw I find it hilarious that a Scottish girl, and an half African half something guy are hosting a BRITISH show. Shows a lot about Britain. 😂
I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.
Amy Slingsby
Whoa! I bust out in Oh Canada too! I blame the NHL.
Rosie Pink
A man of simple pleasure... I love him so much😍
Luke Maynard
Dear Lord, she's a lovely interviewer. Do you know how charming a person has to be to look charming next to Tom Hanks? VERY. Very charming indeed.
Xyz Zyx
Keep away your kids from the pedo.
Sunny Dee
Tom: I didn't realize I had a yacht what's the definition of a yacht
Interviewer: Bigger than a dinghy, smaller than a ship
It's all about wifi
Bas sovereign
A "boat" of 60 feet or longer is called a "ship". And so, 60+ feet in length is a ship! ;-)
lane bellamy
I think Tom's greatest appeal is that he is so humble and seems genuinely grateful for all of his success and good fortune.
Breanna Soto
Will have caption adding to this video???
He's always come off as genuine. Like a dude you could hang out and have a beer with.
Everybody loves somebody by Blues Brothers...
Linda Muvic
Why are the hosts holding huge mics each, but Tom has none.....?
Super Girl
As a Canadian, I am truly blessed.

O'Canada~ 🇨🇦
Johnny Depp
The nicest dude ever.
I absolutely hate British people and their lame, ugly accents. Fuck the U.K. Go ahead and talk shit, I will literally never check the responses to this. The U.K. still sucks, just like every other country outside of the U.S. America is the greatest country in the world and we have the best actors and the best accents.
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Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump "I do hate SOME kids?!": Kids 5 months ago   06:36

Tom discusses some of his classic characters, and talks about the origin of Forrest Gump.


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