A Very Dangerous Invention... Backyard Found Best Friends LOST 3 months ago   21:49

I'm scared for his safety..... but also this is kind of amazing. :)

Show him some love at http://www.youtube.com/thebackyardscientist

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Dominick Koelemeyer
50 50
Carolina Angling. SC
Link is so smart. And just getting smarter. Good job caricher
Evan Barton
Termination_Fire -Striker365
We just got YEETED
Chloe Hennessey
I have a small 1000w laser I use for taking grease and rust off my engines and parts.

Lincoln is hard headed. Just like his dad.
Crazy, but this is awesome....and I've been following the backyard scientist since long before I discovered Matt and his channels....
Karl Winter
Who won the car?
Kathleen Eaton
Those are Osprey nests
Rus Co
they look like osprey nest
Rob Wilsn
Pretty smart he is. Kids are way smarter these days then we were.
Rob Wilsn
Those are osprey nests
Lord Roo
18:41 The sea gull had already taken off. No chance. His timing was so bad.
Lord Roo
16:55 I knew it! Captain America's isn't America's ass! It's Matt's!
James Pickles 3
5% chance
JarHead SS
U should come to Pismo Beach ..
Campbell's custom creations
Lido beach good choice I know this is old but I was curious
karl zombie
You should go to the hack smiths they have some cool thing
Nick Z
Shamefull attempt at bird catch dude lol
Mobile Adventure Gaming
15:35 Lincoln checks out his mom
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Found Best Friends LOST A Very Dangerous Invention... Backyard 3 months ago   15:56

In this video I dive down to find my bestfriends drone that he accidentally crashed into the water! We end up finding the drone and I surprise him with one of my drones that I have!
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