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A Very Dangerous Invention... Backyard | Found Best Friends Lost - At Up-Tube.com

A Very Dangerous Invention... Backyard Found Best Friends LOST 2 days ago   21:49

I'm scared for his safety..... but also this is kind of amazing. :)

Show him some love at http://www.youtube.com/thebackyardscientist

The Drone I'm using http://amzn.to/2mCElOI
My main camera http://amzn.to/2h32fzD
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Smacking you with a fresh daily episode every 3 days or so.........


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Christopher Lewis
That is Americas ass
Sebatian McGuire
Oregon coast is just as rainy
Real Shit
Welcome to florida the guy like that in every neighborhood usually the funnest person round
Matt Harper
100% chance
cy bay
They are spots for osprey to build their nests in Montana idk about Florida tho
That One Coin Collector
That One Coin Collector
The backyard demolitionist
Jamie Hatchell
DANG. Link caught on quick.
Grady Vassar
Sea gulls are fast as f**k boy
Josh Noneyabuissness
Florida is a weird kinda worst place to ever go kinda place. The locals are known for being... How can I say this politely... Extremely stupid. Thats the nicest way I can say it. There are exceptions. Like the backyard scientist, idk if he is even from there though but I'll give them him just to raise the combined I.Q. of the state.
E Then E After
See ya dudes,
*litterally throws gopro*
Migdhadh Mohamed
I can't believe you threw us around like that Matt.
Robin de Roos
You fools should have worn laser goggles...
"Good morning, Florida."
*is raining*

From a Floridian, that's pretty much what every day is.
Your kids are making me question whether I should have kids in the future or not
bling_ _brute
Best. Collab. Idea. Ever!!!!! I love both channels, but a collab though?! Awesome!!
mater Burgett
I went to the same place
Luke A.
45 percent chance of success
Kaleb Nolen
Depending on what direction of two hour travel you guys made, you have have taught him about the Gulf Stream
Matt Monte
If you want clear water I’m form Florida head down to the Florida keys or go to a sping
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Found Best Friends LOST A Very Dangerous Invention... Backyard 2 days ago   15:56

In this video I dive down to find my bestfriends drone that he accidentally crashed into the water! We end up finding the drone and I surprise him with one of my drones that I have!
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