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Jane Wang ► Can you count from 1 to 6 in Chinese? If so, it would not be difficult for you to say Monday to Saturday. In this video, I'll teach you how to say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Chinese. I'll also teach you how to ask what day it is today in Chinese.

FROM THE VIDEO: The structure for days of the week in Chinese would possibly be far simpler than you thought. You just need to know the words for week and numbers. Now let’s start with the word: "week". It’s 星期. Both characters are flat tone, 星期, 星期. Another two sayings for "week" are周 and 礼拜, but 星期 is most commonly used among the three expressions in Mainland China. So I’ll only use 星期 for this lesson. Let’s try that again, 星期, 星期.

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02:16 Monday Xīngqī yī
02:40 Tuesday Xīngqī èr
02:58 Wednesday Xīngqī sān
03:15 Thursday Xīngqī sì
03:35 Friday Xīngqī wǔ
03:49 Saturday Xīngqī liù
04:27 Sunday Xīngqī tiān
05:19 What day is it today? Jīntiān xīngqī jǐ?

How to Count Numbers in Chinese


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Loukik Panchal 123horse
What is difference between Chinese alphabet and japanese kanji.
1870 Preußen
Chinese pirates be like 二
Unique world
Your conversation is very good
Nathaniel Llanita
In Chinese language what is how are you? Please read my comment thanks Jane ☺️
shadab anwar
Thanks a lote ma'am and please uploaded your next videos
The Awkward one
Ayisha Sana
Nǐ hǎo. Please upload more videos.. Your class is very help full.
Eulade Utetanase
Nice lesson. how can i get lessons on my email?
احمد الطاهر
Thank you 😍😍
Shamirtha Abi
There are less videos in your channel ... Waiting for the latest uploads.. xiexie Jane
Denis R.
Hello Maam, thank you very much for explaining in such a way that everyone can understand. xie xie ni.
sshironodeath toresu
is crazy how lady i was to learn the 7 days of the week in English. i couldnt bother to rembember. and everyone telling me chinese is dead hard. since i aready know the numbers this was awesome xD smooth
Subarnar Randhan Shilpo
Xie xie
Thank you so much. I have a lesson coming up soon and I struggle so much on how to pronounce everything. Your teaching saved me today. I truly appreciate you :D
Vinod Goyal
you are so sweet, so cute, so polite and always smiling.
Mijanur Rahman Apon
laoshi xie xie
Charles Sentongo
This is easier, thank you
Ahmed Shabbir
Nice attitude
Ahmed Shabbir
Good explanation
Badsha I
Xie xie
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Beginner Chinese (Mandarin) Lessons: Monday to Sunday in Chinese - TalktoChinese 1 day ago   05:27

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