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Yuval Noah Harari In Conversation | Reflections On 'sapiens' & 'the Strange - At Up-Tube.com

Yuval Noah Harari in conversation Reflections on 'Sapiens' & 'The Strange 2 days ago   1:17:57

Yuval Noah Harari
Yuval Noah Harari is joined by Lord Hague of Richmond, Chairman of the RUSI, as they explore topics from ’21 Lessons for the 21st Century.’

RUSI is an independent think tank engaged in cutting-edge defense and security research.

Transcript available here: https://www.ynharari.com/7336/

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Abraham Kim
that's some nice water
Kevin Fairweather
Arianit Bezhani
This discussion is one of the finiest that I've ever seen. Thanks
Stephan Reisig
I think the host is a bit tipsy . . . a precaution to calm the nerves? Nevertheless a great talk.
Tube Valve
Yuval for President !!!
Peter Knopfler
Please read, Shoshana Zuboff ...The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism...Another brilliant mind much like Yuval Harari...seems another brilliant Jewish mind, as Ray Kurzweil etc.
Here from the Stanford talk he was involved with, but had to thumb-down just from principle due to the comments being removed. To think, they are discussing the fears revolving AI and what engineering concerns are involved, and free speech discourse removal is the priority of the University.
Hicham Abou Eddahab
Can not stop listening to Mr Yuval
When can I order my Google ditch digger 2000. I heard if I order early I
can get my repair robot X1 so I am covered when my digger 2000 goes
London England
Yuval is amazing!
The interviewer is so classy. Loved the interview.
froukje matthews
Yuval, you are a treasure....you really are....
Claudia Gabriela
It sound to far from our reality, when we belong to latinamerica under a dictatorship regime, it sound so frightening for us, when in our countries the last thing is to take care of the need of the people instead they opress them so they can not reach their potential. Becoming in a very mediocry people, because they dont get any education but the corruption that they can breathe in the environment. I don´t know if in the future we have to continue leave this countries like mine México.
Ginny Oliver
I am reading his 'sapiens' and it is brilliant!
Meysam Ghaderyan
Even people that claim they understand global economical system made terrible mistakes for example the 2008 crisis. So, no difference :)
Zybulon Bongfilter Jr.
Good to know emergency door.
Yossi Molcho
The way Yuval details the subject, and argues - is something that needs to be taught in schools
Ho Ting Tang
Go to 2:58 if you want to skip the intro
What he is saying that unless we are able to create a world where compromise and dialogue are the methods we use to negotiate our differences, we are in trouble. This means we are in trouble full stop because the system we promoted so far can also be described as a race to the bottom. The very fabric of Global Financial Institutions and the multinationals allow this system to self perpetuate itself. So, paradoxically, the solution is also now lies with the global networks and institutions. We need to run them in such a way that not the tiniest minority but the greater humanity reaps the benefits of these new developments. And yes, although in need of reform the EU is better than divided Europe to deal with this new development.
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Reflections on 'Sapiens' & 'The Strange Yuval Noah Harari in conversation 2 days ago   13:03

I have just re-read יובל נח הררי Yuval Noah Harari​'s bestselling book 'Sapiens' and finished reading Douglas Murray's (from the The Henry Jackson Society​) new, excellent and already bestselling book 'The Strange Death of Europe'. Both have something very important to say about the state of our world. Here are a few thoughts of my own about the books and the work that needs to be done to protect our society.