Teaching Money to Kids and How Banks CashVille Kidz Episode 23: SMART 5 months ago   03:05

http://www.moneytoolkits.com/familyclub Teaching money to kids is simple. Here's a quick video explaining to them how a bank works and what interest is.

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Minecoe 34
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Shirley A. Wine
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Adedoyin Akinrinlola
If people take our money we should get the same amount back right?
Sista Ace
now i know how a bank works and i'm only 10 sweet
shafin ahmed
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Gary Aston
You forgot to mention the huge difference in interest between savings & loans. Teach the kids properly or not at all......................
Nabeel Shahzad
This is terrible.  This is not at all how banks work and I rarely meet another adult who knows how they do.  
Sarah Cargill
I don't understand where the $2 came from lol someone explain
Rick Calvin
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The market mechanizes the silent sky.
The soup leads the cause.
My mommy & daddy have very small savings & a much more expensive house that they got a loan for. They said that our neighbors probably are the same. So how do banks lend out more money than people have in savings?
First thing you need to establish is what is the rightful state of money!, being that's its a representation of entitlement then how can money brought into existence ever be the entitlement of a bank to even loan when is clear the obliged is the creator of money which gives it value. Search MPE and enter the real world.
Wrong! And you are misleading children to believe what we were all led to believe as kids and what has now been proven a lie. The banks DO NOT use depositors' money to then lend to others. The banks use YOUR creation of money (by way of a promissory note such as a loan agreement) based upon your own value (salary/equity etc) which they then assume ownership of, type it up as digits in a credit/debt ledger and lend your own money back. Theft. They then charge you interest on your own money. Theft
David Ardron
This is disgraceful teaching children a bank loans money. Banks don't loan money children, the bank only pretends to loan money & the bank charges you interest for the privilege of being robbed.
The interest a bank pays you on your piggy bank deposits is a very small piece of a much bigger pie the bank already steals by charging interest on pretend loans, people are tricked into borrowing their own money, & banks often steal twice the money by insisting people pay interest on a trick loan.
Criminal brainwashing full of lies and inconsistencies.

Google "Introduction Mathematically Perfected Economy" and get the full, veritable and uncontroversiable account.

You should be ashamed of what you are trying to do with children, lying like that.
The interest earned when deposited on a bank is just a fraction of what they stole from us causing all sorts of disturbs on the economy and eventually creating an unpayable amount of falsified debts to mere publishers of promissory notes.
michal balog
Im a 16 year old :-)
Hi Danny Hi Scott
Ann Ip
hi danny
daniel allen
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CashVille Kidz Episode 23: SMART Teaching Money to Kids and How Banks 5 months ago   07:21

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In this episode, the students learn a very important tool that will enable them to start on their road to financial success: and that is creating a budget!

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Without a budget, you will spend your pocket money and have any money left to save. You can also easily overspend and buy things you don't need and waste your money.
With a budget, you will put your money into Savings first before you spend. You will know how much you spend every day and you can keep track of your money.

A budget is important because it helps you pay yourself first, prevents you from overspending and allows you to prioritize.

SMART budgeting means Save first, Make a list, Apportion your money, Review your spending, and Trim your spending.

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