Trump Lies About Paul Seth Meyers Monologue March 2 weeks ago   11:34

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump lying about everything from Paul Manafort's sentencing to a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook.
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Trump Lies About Paul Manafort and "Tim Apple": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Comments 2015 Comments

Manafort sounds like an MTG playing style for monoblue players aka the ones everyone hates.
I Created An Account For This
Tim *”Cook of”* Apple
Becky Lemme smash
Why use many word when few word do trick.
Does... Trump think the definition of Truth is "kissing ass" or "protecting a criminal" and Lies are "things that make Trump unhappy" ?
Mickey McGowan
Donald stole kevin malone from the offices plan to save time and shorten speech.
David Hammer
In review, all of his lies make perfect sense. I’ve known other people like him. They tend to think of themselves as perfect and infallible. When confronted with a mistake, they’ll lie to try and pass it off as not a mistake, or not their fault, or somebody else’s mistake. If you look at his lifetime of lies, you’ll see that this is the case in almost every instance. Definitely not the kind of person we need running this country, regardless of party.
Andrew Woo
Politicians who are pressed on their lies by the media really need to learn the power of "no comment" instead of coming up with feeble, half-assed excuses. I mean, seriously, do you really expect us to believe this nonsense? If you're going to lie to us then do it without the patronizing us.
Sarah Widhalm
“An otherwise blameless life” a quick look at those texts from Manafort’s daughter’s phone will tell you otherwise
Dare Jones
Imagine that... most judges usually throw the book at other criminals! Especially the poor. Wonder if he's seen as a criminal? 🤔😒
Yhom Gutierrez
Pathological liar that is correct he does not even know when he does lie and Mike Pence is nothing but a pigeon. He is nothing but a puppet my pain ain't nothing but a two-faced just like Trump
Matt Thomas
How about trying to be a comedian you jackass.
Tango Bango
The brother of Secretary “Moron” Betsy DeVos. Erik is truly a “Prince” among LIARS! HILARIOUS!
msndrstdwlf BB
Djt is a witch hoax. Wake me up when hes gone. I cant stomache his stupid words. Idiotic thoughts. And hateful racist ignorant policies. Signed tim applegate
Samwisegamge Mhm
Trump is the stupidest American ever , God damn he makes me ashamed to be an American
Shenele R
Why did someone get any time in prison for $100 in coins? Who is this poor person???
Fake news, Fake food, Fake world
Wait, I thought we were on the Russian thing? Man, some people really hate Trump but what he is doing is working. Many have money in their pockets these days. Jobs are back, why the hate on the guy? OH, FAKE NEWS that's why. He's coming after the crooks and your the mouth peace.
tom quigley
The trump crime family and associates must be executed or imprisoned.
Pony Expression
Trump is the BEST President the dumb ass lefties can't get ,bring down or hurt. They need laugh robots to get any action.
Apple= two syllables. Cook= one.
bubba JusTrucking
Seth all you do is trash President Trump. Why don’t you do a show that compares how, we were so much better off with Obama, than we are with Trump. How bout you do a show about letting babies die after birth. Let’s watch a new born baby suffer, cold,alone and crying till it takes its last breath. Ya let’s watch what you Democrats are really about. I can’t believe anyone would ever vote for a Democrat
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