Trump Lies About Paul Seth Meyers Monologue March 2 months ago   11:34

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at President Trump lying about everything from Paul Manafort's sentencing to a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook.
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Trump Lies About Paul Manafort and "Tim Apple": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Comments 2015 Comments

Rikers El
Yeah what is this "blameless" ish? Smh.
Benjamin Murphy
Is Trump says it's my old buddy Paul crimes
President Gump, the biggest twit on Twitter.
Lyn Travis
You leftists aren't even funny or entertaining any longer.....
Janis Payne
Lie Forrest, lie! (Most I’ve laughed today!). Such sharp humor is refreshing. 😆
Ruben Chavez
Another “Late Night” host who’s ratings are low, decided to jump on the “Attack Trump” wagon in order to boost him and his ratings...This is America !!
David Anderson
Debra Dunbar
Love that guy interviewing Prince
Adam Riggs
Why waste time saying lot words when few word do trick?
Jay Santos
"When me president, they see". They see"
matthew lupton
Ok ok here's the plan just put the hay in the apple and eat the candle hmmm????????
Angie Smith
Man oh man presiDunce is a numpty
Should have said he meant to pause. "Tim, Apple" makes marginally more sense
Jeanne 54
This GOP is just as CORRUPT & TOXIC as a CRACK & HEROIN DEALER in a SCHOOLYARD! Absolutely NOTHING from their mouths is TRUTHFUL! ZERO!
They LIE as easily as they BREATHE the AIR! His entire LIFE is one big huge bullshit story-& they BELIEVE the BULLSHIT PARTS & DENY the TRUTH!
What kind of a LIFE has Fake EVERYTHING! Fake CARE. FAKE LOVE. FAKE EMPATHY? Just die already if you’re actually as good as DEAD anyway!
Manafort sounds like an MTG playing style for monoblue players aka the ones everyone hates.
I Created An Account For This
Tim *”Cook of”* Apple
Becky Lemme smash
Why use many word when few word do trick.
Does... Trump think the definition of Truth is "kissing ass" or "protecting a criminal" and Lies are "things that make Trump unhappy" ?
Mickey McGowan
Donald stole kevin malone from the offices plan to save time and shorten speech.
David Hammer
In review, all of his lies make perfect sense. I’ve known other people like him. They tend to think of themselves as perfect and infallible. When confronted with a mistake, they’ll lie to try and pass it off as not a mistake, or not their fault, or somebody else’s mistake. If you look at his lifetime of lies, you’ll see that this is the case in almost every instance. Definitely not the kind of person we need running this country, regardless of party.
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