Northeastern University in the Fall International students - Welcome to Boston 1 year ago   01:31

Beautiful campus shots of the Fall foliage at Northeastern University

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Jennya Alexeyeva
My new home
Pratik Chaudhari
Very good video. This university is in my list for applying in Fall 2020 for MS in CS
azman haron
Missed Northeastern... Class of 87
Beautiful University. Wish I can get my MST. But being 54, it's kinda dreamin'.
I miss the beautiful autumns in the northeast. But I don't miss the 6-month-long winters...
James Doakes
It looks absolutely beautiful at Northeastern in the Fall!
Manminder Singh
Love the music.. Any idea how to get it??
Class of 1987. Wish the campus looked like this back in the 80's.
Trent Carr
Wait... where are the squirrels!
Kris Horner
What a nice looking college campus!
nope, northeastern is in boston, massachusetts
Victoria Channel
Is this in New York ?
@xataxxataxxatax Agreed!!!!
Bilal Perwaiz
No squirrels? Hard to miss in the fall.. regardless.. fantastic video
Swapnil tamse
Good work!!!
When has our college been this deserted!?
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International students - Welcome to Boston Northeastern University in the Fall 1 year ago   03:19

Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts, home of the prestigious Northeastern University! International students who come to Boston can get involved in all kinds of sports, relax in beautiful parks, socialise in a wealth of bars and cafes and live in accommodation that has bags of character! There's also an impressive range of transport options to help you get around this historic and atmospheric U.S. city while you study at Northeastern.

International Pathways prepares international students for an undergraduate or graduate degree at Northeastern University. Find out more about International Pathways here: