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Why Einstein Thought Nuclear Weapons | 4 Revolutionary Riddles - At Up-Tube.com

Why Einstein Thought Nuclear Weapons 4 Revolutionary Riddles 2 days ago   07:38

Without neutrons, harnessing nuclear energy would be impossible.
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A few years ago I made a documentary about uranium, radioactivity and radiation. I always thought of the characters in our story as the scientists and maybe the uranium nucleus itself. It was only through making the documentary that I realized the real hero of the story is the neutron. Without a neutral nuclear particle, it would be virtually impossible to release the energy from the nucleus. But with it, and the idea of a chain reaction, nuclear energy went from science fiction to reality. That is something I had not grasped as clearly before and it motivated me to make this video.

Filmed by Raquel Nuno.

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Einstein was a fraud
Tim Travasos
Very good explanation.
Steven White
I thought the first scientists thought the bomb would ignite the atmosphere.
Tim fondiggle
I would like to "glaze" your beard with the essence of my manhood Derrek
I loved the video, but hated the equivocation between Chernobyl and a nuclear weapon. They are incredibly different in their physics and shouldn't be compared to each other.
Dead Towel
Is the title even correct grammar?
Thomas Middlebrooke
Nuclear Power plants can’t explode like a nuke bomb. They have a much lower concentration of uranium. Bomb grade is 85% pure or better, power plants run on more like 15-30% pure, nowhere close to the purity need to achieve critical mass. Making that distinction is important, because many scaremongers will claim the reactor is unsafe because the could explode like the hiroshima bomb, when in reality, fission power is one of the safest, cleanest and most efficient sources of power. After all, around 2/3 of the electric power produced in france come from fission plants, we could do the same in the US if people wouldn’t lose their minds over nothing.
I don't get how they could have missed something so obvious..... even WITHOUT fission caused by a cascade chain reaction of neutrons caused by fission events setting off more fission events, they could have STILL just put a lot of radioactive material in a big pile and used the heat it generated just from its radioactivity to boil water, generate steam and turn a turbine. Using nuclear energy is freaking EASY. That doesn't get you a BOMB but it does get you nuclear ENERGY, and these quotes are saying that humans will never be able to even replace coal as an energy source.
Sounds like Adam has a lot to answer for...
Chernobyl did not get a nuclear explosion. Fake news.
Shreeman Agrawal
In our universe😮😮
This video has a big issue in which nuclear power is presented. Nuclear power plants can not create the runaway reaction needed for a nuclear explosion. Also nuclear power is the safest and cleanest form of energy we currently have on our disposal. Other forms of energy even so call clean energy like Solar or wind have huge environmental issues with solar big issue being how it's store the energy produced and wind the damage it does to flying creatures, plus the storage problem. It is ironic that many so called environmentalist oppose nuclear when it could actually be the solution for the many ills they postulate. It's crazy that governments think is better to import oil or build new coal plants over nuclear and say they care about the environment.
The Hand
Smooth move, Einstein.
Samuel Davidson
This is complete BS. The filthy pervert Einstein was instrumental in getting nukes developed. In fact jews have been responsible for the 2 most despicable WMDs invented: nukes and gas. Ironic that they claim to be victims of the very barbarism they so willingly enjoyed creating!
Me before and after raiding Aera 51
jewjew abrams
Wait, where did you find uranium?
Ιπποκράτη Τζιμαράκας
If I was the scientist who discovered the neutron and how to use the atom I would rub it in those other scientists face and bang their wives.
Sliyaroh Modus
Einstein and Szilárd wrote a letter to President Roosevelt saying just the opposite. He and Szilárd were the people who talked Roosevelt into the Manhattan Project. Let's stop trying to sanitize Einstein's history. If it hadn't been for that letter, nuclear proliferation might never have happened.

The world is more dangerous for it and Einstein started the whole ball of irradiated wax rolling.
Boy Say
Then Einstein: Suprise bitch
Uncle Jeezy
Yeah... Scientists are wrong all the time. Einstein was actually proved wrong about most of the things he believed.
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4 Revolutionary Riddles Why Einstein Thought Nuclear Weapons 2 days ago   04:24

Can you solve these four rotation-related riddles?
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I came across these four physics puzzles over the years in discussions with Neil deGrasse Tyson (riddle 4: which part(s) of a moving train are going backwards with respect to the ground?), Simon Pampena (riddle 2: run around a track twice, the first time slowly, the second time much faster so that the average for the two laps is twice the speed of the first lap). Someone tweeted me a video of the mystery cylinder rolling down the ramp in riddle 1 (sorry I'm not sure who it was). Riddle three about a bicycle going forward or backward when it's bottom peddle is pulled back was brought to me by a number of people and I appreciate all of their help!

Filmed by Raquel Nuno.
Thanks to everyone at the Palais de la Decouverte! I've had this footage for five years and am only finally releasing it now. I wanted to talk about the way grass grows on a spinning turntable but I couldn't locate the footage...