Why Einstein Thought Nuclear Weapons How to Launch a Nuclear Missile 1 day ago   07:38

Without neutrons, harnessing nuclear energy would be impossible.
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A few years ago I made a documentary about uranium, radioactivity and radiation. I always thought of the characters in our story as the scientists and maybe the uranium nucleus itself. It was only through making the documentary that I realized the real hero of the story is the neutron. Without a neutral nuclear particle, it would be virtually impossible to release the energy from the nucleus. But with it, and the idea of a chain reaction, nuclear energy went from science fiction to reality. That is something I had not grasped as clearly before and it motivated me to make this video.

Filmed by Raquel Nuno.

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Azar Huseynli
Nuclear power is the cleanest and cheapest of them all. We should switch to nuclear power.
Leprosu Gnome
It amazes me how scientists can be arrogant...
Fared Dolpane
Stop misleading people with your title. Einstein did not think that nuclear weapons impossible.
maybe he knows the danger of nuclear weapon and try to make people believe it is impossible
wait...........so what we need is a element that emits 1 neutron for every neutron it absorbs.........
obtaining nuclear energy would mean shattering the nucleus at will 1933

1945 _bombards the nucleus with neutrons_
Ketan Patel
Subscribed. After watching about four of your videos, I realized you are talented with the material, and delivery of the presentation. Good stuff! Thank you.
Allen Han
Einstein once said "I do not know what advanced weapons will be used in world war 3, but I do know world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones."

He ment Nuclear Weapons is too scary to be used by man.

What if he denied the possibility of Nuclear Power so the scientific community wouldn't look into it and stumble onto the atomic bomb.
Vegtam Returns
Nukes are fake. Proof? Try to find proof nukes are real. All the footage is.fake.
confirmed Einstein was an idiot !
Actually, power reactors cant turn into bombs as the uranium is wayy too dilute. The worst thing that could happen is that the core melts into a big puddle of molten fissile material, like chernobyl. Although the explosions in chernobyl where due to steam build up, not the fissile material itself.

If u want a a bomb, u need something wayy more pure, like Plutonium.
The intelligence of these people stun me. To most people "Ah a neutron exists.. Great. It's just a part of the nucleus? Okay.. Guess it's all the same then." To these people "AMAGAD WE CAN TOTTALY USE THIS TO CREATE AN EXPLOSION SO MASSIVE ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY AND WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW IT WILL WORK EVEN IF WE DIDN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT JUST YET"

Seriously. How do they even make these connections. Just shooting a proton at another. I'd be like "haha, with what? a tiny catapult? Dumbass."
Maybe if he had skillshare things would be different
I know time travel will remain impossible in my lifetime.

I know for sure, because I haven told myself about it yet.
Mr Smiley
Oppenheimer: hold my beer
Marc Carran
"Nuclear weapons impossible" - What's with the broken English title? There's supposed to be a "were" or something in there.
The Freedom
5:00 2.5? Point five? Is this a average?
matt thomas
way to go Einstein!
Craig Johnson
Einstein...couldn't pass a college entry exam, stole Maxwell's ideas, got a brilliant mathematician to calculate the formulae, took all the credit....yeah he's Jewish too.
Sy G
Thinking about neutrons, in antimatter are anti-neutrons the same as neutrons or would they annihilate each other upon contact? ?
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How to Launch a Nuclear Missile Why Einstein Thought Nuclear Weapons 1 day ago   07:42

What was the procedure to launch a nuclear missile?
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