Fortnite Is Ruining Society Whatever Happened to Charles Ramsey 1 week ago   12:42

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It turns out that #fortnite is the source of all the world's problems, according to this report by What Would you Do?

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Are we going to ignore the fact that the mom said I'll have a diet coke no lemon? What restaurant has a diet coke with lemon default?
Some Loser
oh yeah yeah
Mmmmmm F O R T N U T
Dima S.
I just shat in my diaper laughing about this
Blue Yoshi
Fortnite copied minecraft hunger games
iGamerHD Official
Yooooo we actually have the same name no joke it’s spelled a little different but still
D Laws
"my kids play too much video games"
*proceeds to sit on couch and watch tv all night*

So true though
Breezy Mods
Shooters are soo lame I prefer games like warthunder and Kerbel space program that make you think
starlyf shiz
what's gonna happen when all our parents eventually pass! this lazy generation won't know how to work
Austin Mozingo
Diet lemon??????
😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 omfg
CommenterOf Truth
The entire planet needs the belt.
Seck s
*Kid holding an iPad*
Mom: Can you please put the computer down?
Mr. Breezy
whenever I see fortnite in mainstream media I lose faith in humanity
justin harris
Worst game anyways. Play mw2 Xbox one plz
Donovan Bailey
Rookie, no team, not scrimming, back in my 1.6 and CSS days in CAL and ESEA Main I used to practice with my dudes from 8-2am 7 days a week finding other teams on mIRC and went to Canada for LAN ETS to place 7th out of 40. Along with that, I would play pugs all day. No pissy pants either. Look at me now! I'm a 28 year old loser that is complacent in life barely playing games, watching H3H3 videos but still spend 4 grand on a PC with a 9900k and 2080ti.
jessica . rosaline
People don’t butt in when this happens cuz white families just B like that
Cole Cooper
I hate Fortnite but I hate shit like this even more, especially when the news does it.
Citric Acid
The quack Opera walks up like "Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners!"
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Whatever Happened to Charles Ramsey Fortnite Is Ruining Society 1 week ago   22:59

On may 6th 2013, Charles Ramsey and a handful of Cleveland citizens would end up discovering and rescuing 3 girls whom had been kidnapped for nearly 10 years. Charles Ramsey would go onto a deliver an interview which would be turned into a songified remix by schmoyoho. This song "Dead Giveaway" would go insanely viral making Charles Ramsey a living meme overnight. Shortly after the rescue happened, news about Ramsey slowed down and we stopped hearing about him. In this video, we go into the full story and answer the question, "Whatever Happened to Charles Ramsey?"


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