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Fortnite Is Ruining Society | Whatever Happened To Charles Ramsey - At Up-Tube.com

Fortnite Is Ruining Society Whatever Happened to Charles Ramsey 5 months ago   12:42

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It turns out that #fortnite is the source of all the world's problems, according to this report by What Would you Do?

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if you wet yourself, you have other problems than gaming. that show is so stupid. if your kid brings a laptop out to eat, it's probably your own fault for not setting up bondaries. a good parent wouldnt allow him to bring a fucking computer
Little kid who said its addictive probably sucks cause he's on mobile what a fucken noob libtard
Probably not even a real gamer
AJ The RPG gamer
I played Fortnite and got bored of it
The Sinful Fangirl
4:44 They're running out of ideas lol.
1:38 that's not even call of duty
Adam Němec
1:40 he says call of duty but at screen is battlefield gameplay.
Im triggered.>:(
I watch more porn than play video games
Robert Morgan
What's ironic is that the first time I ever heard about Fortnite was in February 2018, from a friend in his late 40s. I was 34 and had no clue wtf he was talking about lol. Then later that year it exploded into the most popular game since minecraft. That still makes me laugh that it was first popular with old people.
Hey kid, wan't sum fortnite?
Jhoshua Wolfox
Do people realize kids'd rather be playing than spending time with them because bad parenting?
I know that personally.
And although i love mine with all the strenght i have, id rather be looking at pixels than to absorb their condescenting behaviours 🙆
Thank you videogames for being the perfect form of escapism
nat_ nate
I dont like
Golden Shot
9:20 Wrong. Fortnite won’t be relevant forever, that’s like saying MW2 will be relevant forever, yet you can’t even find a lobby. The parents will be there a lot longer than Fortnite will be around.
"Bad parents blame video games for their bad parenting." Much better title for this news report.
Dk R
What is Fortnite? FortLame aagghhhh
NPC 01927361
3:31 computer??? lmao
Mr Nail
This is why I won't touch the xbox one until fortnite is dead!
Bec SocSci
Your Hispanic Oprah walk in was so funny I wanted to scream so loud with laughter!! Ahhhh FUUUUUUUUU you’re so funny EEEEETTHHHAAANNN!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leonard Spong
Heather Swearingen
Isaac Smith
"Can I get a diet coke with no lemon please?" Pretty sure diet cokes don't come with lemons
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Whatever Happened to Charles Ramsey Fortnite Is Ruining Society 5 months ago   22:59

On may 6th 2013, Charles Ramsey and a handful of Cleveland citizens would end up discovering and rescuing 3 girls whom had been kidnapped for nearly 10 years. Charles Ramsey would go onto a deliver an interview which would be turned into a songified remix by schmoyoho. This song "Dead Giveaway" would go insanely viral making Charles Ramsey a living meme overnight. Shortly after the rescue happened, news about Ramsey slowed down and we stopped hearing about him. In this video, we go into the full story and answer the question, "Whatever Happened to Charles Ramsey?"


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