Interview Questions for a UK Study Visa- How to Understand Native English Speakers 5 months ago   11:40

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In this request video I give you example questions that they could ask you during your interview for a study visa in the UK. I also give you some example answers but feel free to change them according to your own specific situation.
Questions and Answers in written form:
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UK Study Visa Q & A
-What is your name and date of birth?
-My name is Umiko Tanaka and my date of birth is the 21st of January
-Where will you be studying?
-I will be studying Economics at City University
-When does the course start?
-The start date of the course is the 15th of October
-What is the course of your choice and why did you choose this course?
-I will be studying Economics at City University and I chose this course because having a degree in Economics will help me find a job in the future, as a degree like that will give me the skills and expertise to pursue a career as an economist in the future.
-Why did you choose this particular institution to study?
-Upon research, I came to the conclusion that this university is one of the best in the field of the studies I am interested in and it has a very good reputation.
-Why did you choose the UK for your studies?
-UK has a very good reputation in terms of higher education and more specifically, the programme of my choice is thought to be one of the best in the world.
-Where will you be staying during your studies?
-I intend to stay in the accommodation provided by the university.
-What are your future plans after completing your studies?
-I intend to pursue a Master's degree and further develop my skills.
-Are you familiar with the town that you will be studying?
-Yes, I like it very much because it is a big, international city full of opportunities.

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Too gud information u provide us, It's help to me for preparing interview
Jagdeep Sran
Hi mam
Please give me some information about study visa interview means which questions are put to students nowadays. Please mam
Riazul Karim
Good job. this video will help in my interview.. and now i am waiting for my interview. Thank you so much
Ershad Shad
Thank you dear bcoz I have a interview aftr few days. I watched u r video. Now I have a confident in UK Student visa interview
gurnamq singh
I want to take admission in 10 and 12th in England, it is possible
Jannat Ferdous
Hi mam I don't like you video much
Shakeel Zaara
Can u make a another video about uk university interview....
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I like your video very much and i am from india i think it will be useful for my future😊✌️
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Thank you so much mam for giving awareness about UK study visa
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Thanks dori. I never ceased to benefit from your videos; even two years after learning from your IELTS tutorials.
Rubel Miah
I appreciate you it's very important Video for us.
Priyanka Rajput
Mam it is very helpful for those students who apply visa for the first time..
Pawan Kalyan
Is there any test to get visa
And what are the subjects to prepare for the test
reuban jaysingh
They dont ask about college fees and living cost?
Mali Amit
Is normal ielts accepted in UK ?
rajvir raj
Hello mam you are so beautiful could we become frnd??
kumsa fufa
interesting one
karthi sn
I am going to attend visa interview next week. I got admit in an esteemed institution in uk. They gave me admit with the medium of instruction certificate and my 12 grade english mark . I completed the ielts just now but I have low grades in reading section .. i dont want to submit the score card as i got low grades and the university too don't want it.... Is there be any issues in the vida interview process regarding this
Allad Khan
what about if i have study gaps ,but i have work experience ? it possible to get student visa for undargradution course
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How to Understand Native English Speakers Interview Questions for a UK Study Visa- 5 months ago   14:45

In this lesson, you can learn about how to understand native speakers. Even after studying for several years, some English learners find it difficult to understand native English speakers. In this lesson, you can see some simple things you can do which will make it easier to understand natural English.

Remember to tell us which situations you find it most difficult to understand native speakers! You can tell us in the comments!

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2. Understanding the True Pronunciation of English Words 3:12
3. Understanding Words Which Are Left Out 6:06
4. How to Use Context to Help You Understand 8:22
5. Understand Different Forms of English 11:10

The lesson will help you learn:

- How to use contractions to sound more natural in English.
- How to use weak forms to improve your listening and speaking in English.
- How to shorten questions to make your English sound more natural.
- How to use the context to improve your English listening and understand native speakers better.

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A big thank you to the Alphabet translation team from Syria for the Arabic captions!