The Passage (FOX) Trailer HD - Mark-Paul NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2019) Sci-Fi 9 months ago   03:36

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A character-driven thriller about a secret government medical facility experimenting with a dangerous virus that could either cure all disease or cause the downfall of the human race. The drama focuses on a 10-year-old girl named Amy Bellafonte who is chosen to be a test subject; and Brad Wolgast, the federal agent who becomes her surrogate father. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more The Passage season 1 promos in HD!

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» Starring: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Emmanuelle Chriqui

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Himali Chaudhary
I watched the whole series in 3:35 mins 😂
Dat Le
Let’s get the hell out of here sis my favorite line of what the girl said
Dat Le
Ugly as hell— xD
Cameron Evans
So they just... Adapted "the last of us" for tv and tried to avoid copyright issues by making it a virus instead of a fungus
They use this song a lot with post apocalyptic stories. It's so trite.
Cory Yates
This honestly looks like propaganda for a few "causes". No thank you. Hard pass.
1.) Firestarter with zombies?
2.) thanks for giving the rundown of the whole series
3.) just grab another kid, yeesh
So... The Last Of Us: The Ripoff? Starring Zac from Saved by the Bell...
Cozmo Dog
Like if they didn't get inspired by the last of us on this I don't know hehe. Is there a book series on this?
Remind me the last of us
Nora Shabaan
I have a feeling he's gonna die protecting her
Just Curious
Another cancelled waist-of-my-time Fox tv show.
WsW 47
I'm having the last of us game vibe here
Emily swash
Is this a film? And is it worth watching anyone?
thank u for saving me time, and making the whole movie into 3 minutes
Udara Gunasinghe
no thanks, will avoid this
Steven Hickman
Him saving the girl would end their lives anyway from deseses anyway LOL makes no sense also there are many other kids lol
ales santos
Song of trailer: Placebo - Running up that hill
G. Damiano
tapi filmi ne gotini stari i sopolivi kopirani ot izmekqri i i
Rayanne Emanuele
Muito parecido com projeto abigail mas e top e cra
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NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2019) Sci-Fi The Passage (FOX) Trailer HD - Mark-Paul 9 months ago   14:56

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