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Dave Chappelle Finds Out His Son Smokes | "my Brother-In-Law Dre" | Jo Koy : Live From - At Up-Tube.com

Dave Chappelle Finds Out His Son Smokes "My Brother-In-Law Dre" | Jo Koy : Live from 3 months ago   05:05

Netflix Is A Joke
"Dad, don't be mad..."

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Dave Chappelle Finds Out His Son Smokes Weed | Netflix Is A Joke

Comments 5489 Comments

Vanillagorilla6969420 Jboogie
Its 1 in the morning I am. Shitfaced
Seta Maapola
"Ohhhh that's where that poetry is coming from"
StoneThug Music
*A Masterpiece Video Shared. **StoneThug.com*
Eriq Mwangi
Theresa Griffin Kennedy
The King of comedy....
joy Salsman
Brain rich
"I'm at the same party nigga." 😂🤣😂
Dave is the fucking king of comedy!!!!! 😂😂😂
Fredo D
This is going down as classic !
Témitope Obinna
Dave is the real G.O.A.T of comedy
G Smith
Can’t make that s#$% up B! Love it!
Brandon Grady
The old chappelle would have been able to smoke a cigarette, not a Juul
Lynn Damian
Nigga i am shit faced#🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Al Delcr
I’m high asf and without the laughing that shit sad asf
Joe Shady
Dave pulled me out then started jerking me around, jerking me around! Haha
"i got really high THEN I GOT PARANOID " sometimes it be like that
the pause to take a juul hit killed me
No one ! I mean NO ONE could pull a punch line like Dave Chappelle!
SileTa Mus
“....Without the dots....”🤣🤣🤣
4K Morgan Freeman fans upset at Dave likening him to his aging dick.

Guess you can say they getting Testy (ooph)...
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"My Brother-In-Law Dre" | Jo Koy : Live from Dave Chappelle Finds Out His Son Smokes 3 months ago   04:08

The day my mom met my brother-in-law Dre, from my 2017 special "Live from Seattle" available only on Netflix.

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