16 Crazy Vehicles You Have to See to Believe 8 Cars That Were Sales 3 months ago   11:53

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Which one of these 16 crazy vehicles do you like the best?
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#16 00:07 Flatmobile - The flatest car in the world
This crazy, crazy "Flatmobile" is going to enter the Guinness books as the flattest vehicle ever. How flat is it? Nineteen inches. Not only is this Batmobile-like contraption dangerous, It's also street legal, but we wouldn't want to be in it during a rollover....well we just wouldn’t want to be in it.

#15 00:38 Pea Car
Pea Car took 6 weeks to build
The Pea Car was the brainchild of Matt Waller and Dave Monk, a creative team at BBH Advertising for a birds Eye campaign. It weighs about 1600 lbs, has no gears and it was based on the chassis of an off-road go-cart.

#14 01:10 1959 Dodgem Bumper Car
a 700 cc bumper car with everything from gauges to a custom exhaust.
The 1959 Dodgem Bumper Car looks like it was built on a four wheeler chassis and completely customized from head to toe.

#13 01:49 ZIL Amphibious Screw Vehicles
This screw-propelled vehicle is an amphibious vehicle designed to cope with difficult snow and ice or mud and swamp. It’s the rotation of one or more auger-like cylinders fitted with a flange that engages with the surface.

#12 02:43 hyundai egg car
Hyundai has a new concept for the car of tomorrow - and it doesn’t involve wheels.
The ‘E4U’ is an egg-shaped, open-topped single person transport similar to a Segway.

#11 03:20 1914 ALFA 40-60 HP Castagna
The ALFA 40/60 HP is a road car and race car made by Italian car manufacturer ALFA (later to become Alfa Romeo). This model was made between 1913 and 1922 and was designed by Giuseppe Merosi, as were all other Alfas at that time.

#10 3:54 Courreges Zooop EV
The Zooop is a high performance 150 kW three seat electric car that weighs just 1,521 pounds and has a range of 280 miles.

#9 04:36 Bond Bug
The Bond Bug is a small British two-seat, three-wheeled automobile which was built from 1970 to 1974, initially by Bond Cars Ltd and subsequently by the Reliant Motor Company. It is a wedge-shaped microcar, with a lift-up canopy and side screens instead of conventional doors.

#8 05:23 EDWARD Diwheel
Engineering students at the University of Adelaide on the southern coast of Australia have developed an electric powered diwheel called EDWARD. This two wheel setup can drive the passenger at up to 25 miles per hour, but its biggest feature is its desirability that everyone who watched it, wants to take a ride.

#7 06:17 Lil Red Wrecker
Back in the 70s, customizer George Barris built comedian Redd Foxx an amazing custom tow truck called the Li’l Red Wrecker.
This all hand built body is made of metal and sculptured with the tilt styled front cab tinted sky top window and all.

#6 06:59 Space Shuttle Cafe Truck The Space Shuttle Cafe, is "the only road worthy DC3 Airplane licensed for street use in the world (that we know of) , painted in the theme of NASA's Space Shuttle."

#5 07:41 Pussycar Automodule
We are in the middle of the late 1960s, when Jean Pierre Ponthieu presented his "Automodule" at the height of emancipation and student protests. The ball vehicle, reminiscent of a lunar vehicle, was even built 10 times - and it became, infamous through an advertising campaign.

#4 08:25 1958 Zundapp Janus 250
This front/rear-facing prototype was named Janus for the Roman god who faced both ways. Glass sliding side windows and robust construction contributed to an overall weight that was too much for the 14 hp motor and the first examples barely reached 50 mph.

#3 09:12 Dynasphere
The Dynasphere was a monowheel vehicle design patented in 1930. The vehicle was inspired by a sketch made by Leonardo da Vinci.

#2 10:01 lazareth's MOKE amphibie
The Mini Moke Amphibious Lazareth is a fun and accessible beach car! Thanks to its 4-wheel drive and its aluminum body, the Moke

#1 10:41 Shell Helix Ultra Transparent Car
Shell is promoting Shell Helix Ultra oil with “Glass Car”, an integrated advertising campaign featuring a Nissan 370Z sports car made of perspex. The underlying message that Shell Helix Ultra continually cleans and protects your engine.

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Minds Eye Design
Thanks for watching everyone! Let us know your favorite vehicle from this list in the comments below.
Smarchitect Mann
I could see Steve Urkel driving most of these.
Missed "Rumplers Tropfenwagen" and "Brutus". :-)
The Amphicar, The Messerschmidt ( a grounded ME109 cockpit ) , Honda 500, Isetta. These all were production cars.
Just to let you know - there IS another DC3 turned into a vehicle. If I could I would post a picture of it. Not sure where it is based but I saw it in a Brisbane,Australia suburb.
Cosimo Kramarawicz
Unsafe at any speed
Clayton Thomas
Thank you Elvis
Erick Cisneros
This was a really great list
I still can't believe the Dynasphere was built & successfully tested back in 1930
Marilyn Scrutchins
And the the screw weal one
Marilyn Scrutchins
The one that can go upside down,space shuttle,the one that can drive on water🚙🚗
Dialog should be written by someone with a better grasp of the English language, plus a better far t checker XP
Linda Buck
Must be the ‘Cinderella complex’ I grew up with but I’ll take the impractical glass car!!!! It will go nicely with my glass house and glass slippers! Lol
David Peretz
Way too much drugs consumed to make these vehicles.
Gin m
I love all your wonderful advertisements.!!!
Coolnvigilant 88
I vote transparent 370z. The transparent engine components are insane.
Jimbo Bojim
Scrap value in all of these combined is about $3900
Jannette Torres
I love u videos u are the best youtuber i have seen so far keep up the good work
Zeek M
I like the Helix.
Old Texan
The screw vehicle was first built by Ford Motor Company. Fitted to a Model T, it was developed as a snow vehicle. Turns out it wasn't needed, the Model T could go anywhere, whatever was under it.
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