Police Unlock AI's Potential 2 months ago   10:42

Wall Street Journal
Law enforcement agencies like the New Orleans Police Department are adopting artificial-intelligence based systems to analyze surveillance footage. WSJ's Jason Bellini gets a demonstration of the tracking technology and hears why some think it’s a game changer, while for others it’s raising concerns around privacy and potential bias. Photo: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal

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Liam Walsh
I think police should use facial recognition because it can help reduce crime. Also there’s not much we can do about it we cannot stop technological advancement.
there is no privacy in public, so how would you loose your privacy?
Captain Of A Starship
Boycott these companies that make money creating and growing this system... Motorola being one.
Land of the free? Freedom?

Can someone explain the definition of those?

I read it over and over and it says nothing about policing citizens every second and monitoring activities citizens do.
Community activist says at 4:13 black and brown people are arrested at a higher rate,thats because they commit more crimes as a % than other populations such as whites or East Asians!!!
Al Wilson
More black people will be killed because of this.
ai is like witchcraft
Loucrates Everyman
New Orleans, that star and crescent moon though...
Crystal Ball
Americans blasting China for this, now they are doing it themselves 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Caleb McFarland
If we would have had this we would know what happened to the Sodder kids is all I’m saying. The technology is cool, and sure it’s kind of creepy, but the Kardashian’s are celebrities people. Humans let that happen, helped it happen. They can’t be trusted.

I know it’s creepy and stuff, particularly since humans and giant groups are pretty well known for abusing this type of thing, but the technology is really cool and the positive potential of used for good is huge.
Caleb McFarland
Located: Man seen eating at Taco Bell’s all over town.
Designated: pathetic.

Computer, locate my freaking AirPods for the tenth time.
Ooops, I'd better not comment on this video, I might get reported for thought crime. AI, are you reading this?
Ronald C Krause Jr
Don't look up.

The united states federal government uses 100+ unarmed drones to watch over the united states continually. Feel welcome to look up Argus Gigapixel; then look at how long ago that was. Tech has improved considerably since.

Today a variation of one single Argus Gigapixel can watch a city of over two million
Amy Bork
Unbelievable anyone could support this. This is a government spy operation. This can also be used to target private citizens. Our world is doomed.
Richard Nunziata
You can program a AI to remove its bias and prevent it from saving data it should not but you can not do this with people nor can you stop people from violating data privacy laws which only means people should not be allowed near raw data.
yet when billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife are murdered in their home, nothing. Literally, the RCMP has nothing. no cell phone records, no security cameras, no OnStar. no witnesses, no suspects, no motive. In fact, for the first week there was no investigation. Weird right? Well that depends on how you look at it. Barry Sherman was the CEO of apotex, a generic pharmaceutical company. Shortly after his murder the government of Canada signed billion dollar pharmaceutical contracts.
china fixed this problem.
One Knockoutofmeyard
Huawei could bring you the right way
Trag 1804
Like the woman in the video, I don't believe increasing law enforcement capabilities solves the problem.
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