THIS is why the car community has a bad name. Cops Surround My House Because 1 day ago   39:28

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Qualified Automotive Solutions
"This is why the car community has a bad name" Further ensues to encite everyone to act crazy and do what everyone else is doing. MF'er. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM YOU DOUCHE!!
Come to Houston man 🤯😈
Brian Dearborn
It looks to me that Hooters missed out on a potential record sales night. Management dropped the ball on that one for sure!!
Roadrunner vape
he said eat some hooters
Mike Unt
I am sorry for revbombing that bitch
daniel bean
Omg @ 28:21thats one BIG ASS FATTY. Oh damn that was Poe. BTW POE is a fat bitch boi & I'll say it to his face.
Bolstridge Gaming
whats thats song that plays in the background when their signing the merch??
Damn. I never knew you guys stayed in Louisiana. Y’all gotta come to the NOLA Drift events
justin tyer
Things like this is what killed ECN(EastCoastNationals)
how about you get permits and security and a place that is open and not in the middle of the city...this might help a lot also... you ask a lot from these meatheads that are hopped up on adrenaline and horsepower.. of course they are going to do burnouts.. that's like asking a peacock to not strut and show his tail feathers.... and yes i understand you lose money from early shutdowns...street meets are always going to be like this.. no matter what you call them.. pop up's or whatever...cities are not big into street racers or the culture. i was not even there and this pissed me off...and im a first time viewer...see alot of people because of cleetus mcfarland and 1320 as that is where i came from..sorry for the bad luck and the dummies.
Street 101
What the hell man, I came for the car's not the man boobs.
Cade Smith
Hands down the best intro out of all the car youtubers
Codie Hooter
Bro here in a small texas town we have/had car meets and there would always be a couple guys doing dumb stuff. Kept getting kicked out of spots. Just a couple people can ruin it for everyone. Like on supercar suspects channel. Just have nice chill meets and go somewhere you dont meet every weekend to do dumb shit. Keep up the hard work bro.
Oh No
The worst part for justa6 is when he cant sell merch and make money.
Winston Paul
Because people notice big crowds and people talk
Nick Menard
squiggly spooch
you cant honestly expect people to not do burn outs
Crisp gator
What was the song playing at 29:51 “that’s a 250,000 dollar casket” what’s that song
Marcus Hawley
32:14 Wait what? Wb zorbii
Matthew Nowicki
I'd like to smack the fuck outta that dude Little fat afro
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Cops Surround My House Because THIS is why the car community has a bad name. 1 day ago   15:23

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