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"Saving Rio Grande - Lifeline of a People"
Dedicated to Errol Carol Francis - one of Jamaica's greatest folk botanists who has unfortunately died since the making of this film - We miss you very much Mr. Francis!

It is an unfortunate fact that in Jamaica, the "Land of Wood and Water", rivers and fresh water systems are abused. They are mined, "trained", dammed and diverted, and used to dump waste and garbage. One of the more disturbing practices, is the poisoning of rivers as a fishing method. Poisons are introduced by individuals into the river, these stun and kill the targeted species such as Janga and also kill everything else in the river, which is often used as a water source for drinking, bathing and washing clothes.
The Nature Conservancy Jamaica Program worked with communities along the Rio Grande, as well as with pertinent government agencies and other stake-holders to try and stop the practice of river poisoning and to strengthen proper traditional fishing practices such as those used by the Maroons who live along the river.
This 12 minute video produced in 2007 by Esther Figueroa, Vagabond Media, with Kimberly John of TNC Jamaica Program outlines the problem of river poisoning and in the words of Maroon Colonel Harris begs people to stop the practice because "it is wicked."