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Font Hill - Jamaica's Gift | Saving Rio Grande - Lifeline Of A People - At Up-Tube.com

Font Hill - Jamaica's Gift Saving Rio Grande - Lifeline of a People 1 day ago   10:26

Esther Figueroa
An 11 minute short about the need to preserve the intact coastal ecosystem of Font Hill, St. Elizabeth on Jamaica's south coast, home to rare native and migratory species, and site of decades of internationally renowned bird migration studies. Font Hill is to be divested by the government of Jamaica and slated for tourism development, this short explains the consequences of destroying this fragile coastline and argues for a more diversified and sustainable development model.

Produced by Esther Figueroa, Vagabond Media,

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Edmond Williams
Say this an say the heads of government won't do shit
Carl York
Beautiful mother nature..she looked at me with a smile on her face....then she started to cry...she said why did my children forsake me........
nan hen
we have enough hotels in jamaica we dont need any more. Leave FONT HILL ALONE!!!
Juliano Vilachi
I know development is a must but to destroy Mother Nature and so much wild life,the Government is too greedy.Mother Nature worth is Priceless - STOP COLONIZING BACK JAMAICA
Pink Banton
please saved our planets. do not destroy the ocean, wildlife, and our Forest. keep it out of the hands of those who don't care. thank you.
Patrick English
Yes If they will not help we Will JA! Uncle P
Daniel Bonner
fuucking sell out mark of the beast christianity mashing up the earth....come down and show dem ...Orsiris
Chris Oneil S
black people we are a dumb stupid and destructive race
Julie j
Jamaica make people come to your country and take over and destroy it like they do in North America then the tourist will not have anywhere to go.
View Master
Jamaica is on a path of total destruction of it's unique biodiversity and ecosystem. Time and again our government continues to make short sight decisions, mainly for cash to support their individual coffers, at our nation's expense....🤔
elvis smith
Different government, Same BS, bring tears to eyes.
Geraldine Smout
Fascinating and beautiful. We must protect our natural environments like font hill!
Toy Burrell
Our politicians know all this. They simple don't care. Everybody is just in it to line his/her pockets and those of their friends. Shortsighted, greedy bastards.
tevin andrews
so beautiful why destroy??? 
this is very beautiful, interesting and 'sympathetic' plea ---but how can we develop a business and marketing plan to show the economic (macro and micro) benefits that this property is able to offer to jamaica ---what are the short-term and long-term gains ---is there any sustainable development strategy that may offered as an alternative----
jahlove lewis
@lovestef2000 We don't have to destroy the earth my dear,because the earth will eventually be destroyed by an asteroid or when the sun run out of fuel.We are more at danger from the hazards from outer space than you would ever imagine. I am not all anti-environmental but as soon as the country propose some form of development these people are up in arms. If it weren't for development the modern amenities we now enjoy would not be possible and we would still be living in caves.
luchana ivey
i feel sorry for jamaica its such a beautiful country but its being destroyed by pollution.... even though i know this won't happen but the prime minister of jamaica needs to do something about fixing jamaica in general cause its a very wonderful place.....its just sad
we need to educate our country about being green.
@MrTelaviv123 who cares about jobs when there will be no future for our children. the jobs won't matter when the they keep destroying our country. they need to rebuild businesses that have been destroyed and start programs to help the poor people afford to send their children to college to get a good education to uplift the country. destroying our country for money and tourist. are you serous. the tree huggers keep this planet alive so we do not end up destroying the world.
jahlove lewis
These tree huggers are too alarmist for me. Every time the government propose a project to create jobs for the massive unemployed on the island these "greenist" cry wolf. Go tell the men or women who need a job about saving alligators and birds. There is a price for development, well unless we want to be living in the stone age.We already have a lot of places on the Island that are designated protected area. Eg Portland Blight and Helllshire Hills, Cockpit country, John crow mountain etc.
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Saving Rio Grande - Lifeline of a People Font Hill - Jamaica's Gift 1 day ago   12:10

"Saving Rio Grande - Lifeline of a People"
Dedicated to Errol Carol Francis - one of Jamaica's greatest folk botanists who has unfortunately died since the making of this film - We miss you very much Mr. Francis!

It is an unfortunate fact that in Jamaica, the "Land of Wood and Water", rivers and fresh water systems are abused. They are mined, "trained", dammed and diverted, and used to dump waste and garbage. One of the more disturbing practices, is the poisoning of rivers as a fishing method. Poisons are introduced by individuals into the river, these stun and kill the targeted species such as Janga and also kill everything else in the river, which is often used as a water source for drinking, bathing and washing clothes.
The Nature Conservancy Jamaica Program worked with communities along the Rio Grande, as well as with pertinent government agencies and other stake-holders to try and stop the practice of river poisoning and to strengthen proper traditional fishing practices such as those used by the Maroons who live along the river.
This 12 minute video produced in 2007 by Esther Figueroa, Vagabond Media, with Kimberly John of TNC Jamaica Program outlines the problem of river poisoning and in the words of Maroon Colonel Harris begs people to stop the practice because "it is wicked."