Sneak Preview: Fresno Freeway Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), 1 day ago   01:34

Come check out the sneak preview, of what will be a complete freeway tour of the Fresno freeway network. Includes footage of Caltrans' pet project for the Central Valley, the all new braided ramps system along CA 180!

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youtube algorithm strikes again
Benoito Cazallo
Thanks for sharing. 😁
Heard that this version of Crackin (Martin Garrix edit) is different from the released version
Marcos Guzman
I can't wait to see the freeway.its such a nice place up here I really liked what they done here 🚗🚥
Sally Louise
Nice video can't wait for full version; what was song title and artist in video ?
Thunderstorm 87
I remember I visited Fresno in 2010 and I thought it sucked, primarily because of the freeways, but maybe this upcoming video will change my view.
West Coast Highways
Can't wait to see the full freeway tour of Fresno
Here is the link to how the McKinley offramp can be taken care of.
I-5 196th Braided Ramp animation
LOL Brent. What did you think? Told you it should be called "Pull your Braids" out. Thanks for this and I can't wait until the full feature is done. Just don't try this at rush hour lol. Thanks again.
Larry Mitcham
Can't wait to see the full video. I live in the central valley, for the most part Fresno's freeway system has been built in the last 20 years.
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Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Sneak Preview: Fresno Freeway 1 day ago   05:57

This video follows the world famous Pacific Coast Highway, from Point Mugu State Park, to the Malibu city limits. Also passes by La Jolla Canyon, Sycamore Cove and Sycamore Canyon.