Fluid Painting STRING Technique!! How To Paint Pop Art Painting with Abstract 5 months ago   04:24

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Fluid Painting String Technique!! Okay I’m officially hooked on this Damn String now!! The paints are just mixed with Floetral 50/50 and some water and I used Butcher twine. Please hit the like button and share for me!! Wigglz..

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sandy theviolinelover
wOw... interessting
so great
tita Rita
Love it 🎈🎈😍😍😍😍
Laura Lee
WOW ... with a string, there has never been a limit to ART. I know, I was born an artist too, LOL
Anand Kumar
mind bloing
Ingrid Aimee
hi. what do you mix with your base color? and how long does it completely dries up? thank you💜
Azad Yousef
How make acrilyc colour?
Moukhtar El karbi
Subscribe to my channel thank you 🙏
Moukhtar El karbi
Amizing drawing 👍 👏 ❤️
True Learner
Which type of colors you used in this one?
Moo Abdzar
You are fucking amazing.
Angel Lopez
Super awesome
Aryan Tyagi
Really u r artist. 😉😉😉😉😉😉
علوش حبيب الكل
Audrey Shiffler
Absolutely love this piece! Beautiful final work and really amazing to watch. You’re kicking ass Mike!!! ❤️
talib ali
Wooo nice paiting beautifull
Priya Basfor
shreya choubey
How much for painting??
Nana Bordelais
So nice
Ayodhya serasinghe
Wow it is super sha
Kadiga Kadija
روعة ابداع فني راقي
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How To Paint Pop Art Painting with Abstract Fluid Painting STRING Technique!! 5 months ago   10:38

In this new video demonstration, I realize this time a portrait in a style Pop Art. The background of this portrait is made in the manner of an abstract painting.
As you will see I played again with transparency.

The size of the canvas is 70x100cm

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