Fluid Painting STRING Technique!! Fluid Painting EXTREME String 2 months ago   04:24

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Fluid Painting String Technique!! Okay I’m officially hooked on this Damn String now!! The paints are just mixed with Floetral 50/50 and some water and I used Butcher twine. Please hit the like button and share for me!! Wigglz..

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Lindsay Elliott
I'm new to the acrylic game and was wondering if you use a certain type??? AMAZING WORK BRO
Inez Sanders
Exquisite 🧡🧡🧡
Sir big tymer
What do you use to spin it
Missy debatingaftershock
What materials do you choose for your string, and why is it your choice?
~ curiousity
Amy Hyrume
Wow! How did I miss this old one??? This is my favourite now. You are extremely creative! Love, love, love it.... And the music too!
Magnifico..¡! felicitaciomes
Kilex TheGAMER
the red fucks your eyes up
Kivante Thompson
Anyone know what song is playing ?
Shy's Art Room
I have motion sickness. Clicked on the wrong video. It's a good video though.
Maria Farooqui
Wow i just live it😍😍😍😍
Kreepy Kelly
This is such a sad excuse for art. Im embarrassed by the laziness of these so called "artists".
The Royal View
Amazing art
Fucking hideous. This is NOT art
Kacie James
Liked it because it evolved but I liked the beginning form.
Adam Fears
I’m dizzy 🥴
Diane Crow
Awesome!!!! Love it!
Twilight Zone
Wigglz, did you just use a lazy Susan to spin it at the beginning of your video?
Ninh Nguyen
Tren The Gioi nay rat nhieu Nguoi tai ,gioi
cuphead for smash
Feels like Persona 5.
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Fluid Painting EXTREME String Fluid Painting STRING Technique!! 2 months ago   07:02

Fluid Painting EXTREME String Pull!! Paint is mixed with Floetral and Water at a 1:1:1/4 ratio. Please drop a comment and lmk what you think!!