Fluid Painting STRING Technique!! Fluid Painting EXTREME String 4 months ago   04:24

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Fluid Painting String Technique!! Okay I’m officially hooked on this Damn String now!! The paints are just mixed with Floetral 50/50 and some water and I used Butcher twine. Please hit the like button and share for me!! Wigglz..

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Dime H Bonics
Awesome Job!! 👍🏻👍🏻
Leah Drake
Wow😍 beautiful 🌷
Lifted v2
Shit I’d buy that
Lifted v2
Holy shit I’d kill to have the materials to be able to do this
rana pratap
Put a paper underneath the board.. now you got one more painting from the spills .. 🤔
ruso ruso
Mauro Modica
Come sprecare tela colore e soprattutto tempo
By Dexter Morgan.
T K - Tonya Rhoyalty Knight
That was nice
This didnt turn out bad, but id like to see how itd look had you done your first string patterns on dry red paint instead of it still being wet.

However it still looks good 👍
Sônia Trindade Trindade
Barbara Weltsek
I love the video. Have to mute the porn music, tho
Kian's Corner
I like your videos
Check mine to plsss
Fro Bro
Why did this say easy?
Cad demoss
😊😊BEAUTIFUL!! 😍😍😍😍
Sabrynna Ayalla
Lindo trabalho qual a tinta que se usa
Robin D
👀 totally blown away 💖❗❗❗
Miguel Torrez
Anybody who has spent hours, days, on a drawing or painting hate you right now. LOL. Brilliant work keep it up
Kimberly Moll
Very dramatic I love your work is awesome
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Fluid Painting EXTREME String Fluid Painting STRING Technique!! 4 months ago   07:02

Fluid Painting EXTREME String Pull!! Paint is mixed with Floetral and Water at a 1:1:1/4 ratio. Please drop a comment and lmk what you think!!