Jordan Cappella on Social Media 國中生上課打給媽咪 老師搶電話報成績超好笑!《VS MEDIA x 瘋狂理查》 1 day ago   14:19

Enrique Otarola
Enrique Otarola interviews Jordan Cappella in Enrique & friends, this interview was given in September, Jordan Cappella is an Autralian Designer in the city of Los Angeles, his is also a blogger for the fashion industry, Jordan speaks about his 5 golden rules of Social Media. check jordan Cappella's work at

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it explains a lot! Bravo
Loise Larson
Jordan Cappella is a real expert. It is a genuine pleasure to listen to him!
takeda Kenshin
i really needed to listen to this video!
Zahira Quarel
Peter Simolenoux
Fantastic and even splendid !
August Strong
W.O.W. - Wondrous Olympic Work !!
Greg Waller
favourite assigned !
Elsie Dixon
Enrique, I really do like you as a host!
Basil Fallon
many thanks for this clip. It explains social media in really deep and complex way!!
Brody Gonzalez
Like this if perhaps ur posting this on Fb :-D
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國中生上課打給媽咪 老師搶電話報成績超好笑!《VS MEDIA x 瘋狂理查》 Jordan Cappella on Social Media 1 day ago   12:47

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