How did SELENA GOMEZ SURVIVE to this Victoria s Secret Angel Kendall 2 months ago   01:52

We spotted the young pop singer and actress Selena Gomez leaving the Vuitton Fall Winter 2015/2016 Fashion Show held at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris; her own security did not manage well the exit and ended up stuck in a massive scrum with the fans and the press !

Wednesday 11th, March 2015. Paris, France
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lilyana lily
Idiots man all I can say idiots I would give no fuck if I see Beyonce or Selena who ever old bitches young bitches normal people just like me and you so no many idiots in this world Peace
grenade launcher
To be honest I will do anything for a pic with selena but shoving in front of her face like animals nahh
Fans are like animals omg what those people purpouse is???
The price of fame
Almas -sii
Stupid fans😓
Bul Mnstr
This is people ' greedy retarda wgo would slice you jn pieces for some money
Laura Michelle
I met Selena here in my country. She was vacationing. I saw her by coincidence while walking with my boyfriend. I asked kindly for a picture and after we took it, told her to enjoy her day and continued walking. She was really nice and here practically only me and a little girl recognized her. I didn't know she could be attacked like this, now I understand why she was so nice and calm. It was just too different from this. This is frightening.
Linda Duverna
Vicky Xox
And that's why I'll never be famous
Lottie Bonker Bee'x
I really don't think people think celebrities are normal people.... It's crazy! Being scared for her life like that and the anxiety she must of felt. Absolutely horrible! REAL fans couldn't make her feel uncomfortable like that.
This is the French trust me I live here. Scum
Ari De neros
honestly, Can yall imagine how her anxiety leveles sky rocket. Most forget she had bad anxiety. I understand the fans, I mean if id see my fave singer Elvis Presley I'd be yelling and crying for a pic too 🙌😝😘
Oh! Our local trains during rush hour
Amy Brooks
That is absoulty disgusting i love her to bits and to see that devastated me! i hope she was okay in the end x
kai la
ofcourse because you guys are filming this thats why
Abigale Kirsten
Are people this crazy? Not to let someone walk? Do they each individually have a brain? This is just wrong...!
Luca Covers
Omg I would have get a panic attack.
Jessica Rodriguez
If you truly “love” Selena then you give her space and don’t treat her like a circus animal. These “fans” don’t like her, their acting crazy because they want to brag and show off on social media. And these photographers want money.
Omkar Joshi
This proves so called europian civilization still not civilised... these are brain less , white skin animals walking on two legs...cant even respect the privacy or personnel space of a woman
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Victoria s Secret Angel Kendall How did SELENA GOMEZ SURVIVE to this 2 months ago   01:03

We spotted the young models Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sara Sampaio and more on their way for rehearsal of the Victoria s Secret Fashion Show 2016 at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - Paris, France
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