That Time I (almost) Got Kidnapped✱ Things I Feel Guilty About 8 months ago   09:18

Zaim Animations
This was a pretty crazy story. (PS - watch in 1080p)

Hopefully I'll look back on this one day and cringe at how bad it is. But for now, I think it's good.

Kinda Awkward by Ionics

And for you guys saying that I copied Jaiden and James by putting their exact drawings in my video, yes, I am aware of what I did. It was completely intentional. I wanted to feature their drawings in my first video so I can look back on it and be reminded who inspired me to start my channel.

I'm sure only 1% of you will actually read this, so thanks for reading if you did!

(well I mean it's pretty obvious you did read it since you've made it this far, unless you skipped the line just above this one and immediately went to this one. In which case, I highly recommend reading that line up there ^ there's some good stuff in it)

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*7 months ago*

*I call up my cousin, Zaim*
Me: "Ho, when are you uploading your next video?"
Zaim: "Don't worry, I'll upload it in a couple weeks."

*7 months later*

Your channel has literally exploded with subs. Upload otherwise I will literally come over force you to hold a pen and draw.

Congrats on 9k though bby. ❤
Im Dark Pit
You remind me of James from Theodd1sout
emperor jack
You can say the a word but you can't say HELL
Jason Du
Them: Oh no! I'm getting kidnapped
Me: I am getting taken away, most likely for a ransom. I am being forced into a small van. I will exit to an unknown location. Oh no.
The Nuts
Tyger god
5:55 I soon as I heard him say that I was in tears. 🤣🤣😂😂
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0
Mama ain’t raising no biatch
TerraSnipe Z
Toby Unsworth
8:36 it looks like the car is backwards
Andy Wijaya
1:32 james???
RedStone Trapper
This is the odd1sout
Mac Gurney
You copied people
Rafal Świniarski
OwO ASMR commentary
Galaxy Gamer
You Copied TheOdd1sOut and it's the same video you Copied every thing
Kalan Saunders
Hi school 🏫 in 5 years I will be in grade seven
*A elephant with forks flying around it*
nathaniel jackson
Yo u sound so board
Jake mega gamer
Wow long story
Shad 3
I bet the only candy they have is black licorice 😭
im bord
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Things I Feel Guilty About That Time I (almost) Got Kidnapped✱ 8 months ago   07:35

so much guilt in this video,,, so much guilt

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