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Avengers 5 | Who Is The Next Avengers' Leader? | Phase 4 Announced: Every Upcoming - At Up-Tube.com

Avengers 5 | Who is the next Avengers' Leader? PHASE 4 ANNOUNCED: EVERY UPCOMING 1 day ago   10:46

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I agree that Peter Parker will be a leader of the Avengers, but Captain Marvel feels like she is out of place. It doesn’t really make sense for her to be the leader of the protectors of Earth if she really is never on Earth. Someone like Doctor Strange or Black Panther would be a better fit
Unpopular opinion: I want antman to be the leader he was so good in endgame
I want thor lead main avengers
xXSky HighxX
Wasnt captain america always the leader lmao...but to replace iron man it should be shuri...yeh she isnt powerful but the she is a mechanic just like tony...but the replace captain it should be black panther, he is already a king but another option is captain marvel...she is new but also powerful
Huginn Hjartarson
Spider-Man could be the next leader of the avengers.
crazy entertainment
Have you seen far from home trailer it will be spiderman
In comic Spiderman leaded the avengers
No captain marvel is a bad hero
Anni Psy
imo Captain America always has been the only captain.
Sanjay Singh
Thor or cap'n america
Bridget Jackson
I don't think it is Captain Marvel, because I agree-she IS too distant from Earth. I think it should be Sam Wilson AND Peter Parker. Each have distinct and complimentary gifts, so I think an arc that helps us see their leadership skills develop, ultimately with Sam leading the older ones and Peter the up and coming, resulting in a changing of the guard down the line. What so many people don't realize that young leaders rely heavily on good followers' experience and advice. Though the Hulk is a good prospect, it would be good to see some of the Team Hulk arc or serve as a mentor to either Parker or Wilson though not in leadership status.
Samantha Faustino
Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, or Spider-Man!!!!!!!
Jacian Gonzalez
Really captain marvel tgw leader please marvel just wants diversity with her that's what it is
_Elaisla _
Pepper might be able to lead if she's trained enough?
super saiyan god
I don't like captain marvel antman
If you think about it probably Hulk? Maybe because they did show him step up when he snapped in endgame to bring everyone back
Flying Ostrich
New leader? Dude there's still captain America. The endgame credits showed the real one is with Peggy. And the other one was old Captain. He gave the shield to Falcon to hise it or something.. He would still use it if there is another Monster/Villain to come.
Spider Fox & Shark Steak
I’ve Always been hoping for young avengers because I want to be the next Spider Man actor
Maher Rahman
It should be Spidey/Tom😊.
James M. Leggat, Jr.
How about War Machine, the old man of the team, certainly one there from the get go?
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PHASE 4 ANNOUNCED: EVERY UPCOMING Avengers 5 | Who is the next Avengers' Leader? 1 day ago   11:24

More details about Marvel's infamous PHASE 4 have been given and so here is a list of the confirmed dates and yet to be confirmed movies you can expect in the next few years.

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